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Management Skills

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New Manager's Five-week Success System: 25 Days > ...

By : Mike

Learn from the most updated course on Learnfly, which is based on Completely new tools, that are used for WiFi Hacking.

25 lectures      Beginner


Data Analysis 101 ...

By : [email protected]

Getting to the heart of performance data

21 lectures      All Level


Formulating and Facilitating Corporate Strategy ...

By : Blair

Learn how to facilitate and lead a strategic management process at your organization

7 lectures      Intermedite


The Credible CFO: Driving Growth & Delivering Pred ...

By : Blair

Learn how to build your credibility as a financial executive with the CEO and other important stakeholders

5 lectures      Intermedite


Your First 100 Days as CFO ...

By : Blair

Learn about what you should do immediately after you find yourself appointed to the office of the CFO

7 lectures      Intermedite


The Catalyst CFO: Managing Change ...

By : Blair

Learn how to lead change inside your organization by overcoming the people aspects of any new initiative

5 lectures      Intermedite


Behind Boardroom Doors: Achieving Governance Advan ...

By : Blair

Learn how boardrooms work including who should be a director, which discussions to have, and how to make better decisions

8 lectures      Intermedite


Fraud in the Workplace. ...

By : Blair

Learn how to prevent and detect fraud in the workplace and safeguard your organization’s assets

9 lectures      Beginner


ISO 22000:2018 - Food Safety Management System (FS ...

By : Waqas Imam

Online Training Course on ISO 22000 Standard - Easy Simple Lectures on Terms, Clauses & Transition Methodology

25 lectures      Beginner


Standardization and ISO 9001: Everything you need ...

By : Waqas Imam

Guide to standardization and ISO standards. All Corporate Professionals must know the basics of standardization and ISO

5 lectures      Beginner


Business Writing and Technical English-Arabic-Enab ...

By : "Ibrahim Al-Tirhi"

Your Gateway to Technical English Writing and Business Communication Skills

19 lectures      Intermedite

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