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Teach anything you are good at, anything you love. Select from the extensive areas of business, technology, and creative skills as per your expertise.

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Construct your way to impart your knowledge via our exclusive formats. Develop your course from one of our multiple formats. Choose a format which is best suitable and relatable for your topic and personality.


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Create a course replete with insights, examples, & opportunities. Make utmost use of the state-of-the-art and free-to-use course design tools to structure your own online courseware.

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Use our resources to become an instructor and earn money by teaching students across the globe. We have a resource center and an active community of instructors which can guide you through via their insights and your queries.


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Monetize your expertise and earn ample amount of profit. We let you structure your personal brand and deliver your course on any device, at any time.

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Inspire and make a difference by imparting knowledge and training individuals with the right skills while enriching their lives.

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Learnfly empowers you to impart your knowledge and also earn money through teaching professionally online. It expands your reach and let you connect to millions of learners online while endowing ample exposure. Here, you can become a trainer and earn money by sharing your expertise with individuals across the globe.

To win the trust of customers, our customer service team is trained to help you with your security order and product related details ensuring preventive maintenance and quick action by monitoring the entire problem.

Benefits to be an instructor with us

Exceptional Exposure

Promote your course with the best of exposure. Learnfly handles all customer service, payment processing, and hosting fees, without burdening you with any hidden cost.

Utmost Flexibility

Have utmost flexibility to teach and train individuals in your own distinctive style with your real-time experiences. You are free to create, innovate and experiment over time.

Commendable Control

You are the sole administrator of your brand with complete control over your course. Build and shape your courseware as per you using our free course creation tools.

Round-the-clock Support

Have 24/7 customer support to get answers to all your queries. Socialize with the most interactive instructor community where you can share and learn innovative practices.

Instructor General FAQ's

Click on “Become an Instructor” option on top of this page or followed this link: Sign Up
No. It’s completely free to signup as an instructor on Learnfly.
Currently we have approx 1m+ subscribed students on our platform. We are adding approx 30k+ new students every month.
You can promote courses in various categories listed on our site like Web Development, IT & Security, Marketing, Business, Design, Lifestyle and more. We DO NOT allow any offensive video or course content on our platform. Please review our terms page for more info on prohibited content:

On Single Course purchase:

On every single course or individual course purchase you get paid approx 40% to 50% from each course sale price. We calculate Instructor revenue as below:

Instructor Revenue=Sale Price minus Platform fees(50%) minus Discounts minus bank transaction fee

* Discounts: These are weeekly and monthly discounts that we run on our platform to boost sales

* Bank Transaction fee: Current Transaction fee charge is flat 4%

On Subscription Model:

On a Subscription model we pay our instructors monthly royalties on the basis of %(percentage) share of total minutes watched by subscribed students on our platform per month. For example: if 5% of all minutes watched on Learnfly by subscribed students happened on your published courses, then you would receive 5% of the revenue allocated to your Instructor royalty pool that month.

Being a subscription service, the size of the royalty pool and the amount of minutes watched on Learnfly fluctuates from month-to-month based on the subscriber activity, as well as costs of operating the website (such as video hosting), and our marketing and promotion of your classes. The more minutes watched you receive in your courses the higher share of the monthly royalty pool you will earn. On average, first-time Instructors earn $200 in their first month on Learnfly, with top authors earning upwards of $5000!

You must get a minimum total of 30 subscribed minutes watched across all of your courses within a month in order to receive a payment for that month. Please note, minutes watched by students through a free class or through a free access link do not count towards royalty payments.

We currently support USD, GBP, EURO and INR. These currencies are automatically displayed to students as per there geographical locations.
We use real time exchange rate API provided by:
You can view minutes watched data within the stats section of each one of your courses. See your total earnings and minutes watched in your Instructor Revenue dashboard, located under the Revenue & payments section of your account.
You get paid Monthly via Paypal or Direct Wire.
We have a standard agreement for Instructors. Follow this link for more info:
Yes. Our platform is fully PCI DSS compliant and it runs on end to end SSL encryption. We also take copyright & trademark policies very seriously. Any course you post on Learnfly are 100% owned & controlled by you. Learnfly just act in between as a marketplace platform to deliver your courses to students worldwide. As we put lot of efforts in bringing more students to our platform & maintaining the course delivery experience, we charge small % of platform fee from each course sale.
The actual amount of time a student spends watching your videos is what will count towards your total minutes watched. For example, if a student watches your 10 minute video in 2X speed, this would count as 5 minutes watched towards your payment. If a student watches your 10 minute video in 0.5X speed, this would count as 20 minutes watched.
You can use professional cams, web-cams or even your iPhone to record HD quality videos for your course. For Details info, visit the following article:
Once you post your course with us, our team review & approve the course within 24 hours, Once the course is approved, we make it live on our platform and make it visible to the students.
Once you publish a course with us, we market your course worldwide via multiple channels like Social Media, PPC marketing, Email Alerts, Platform announcements, Affiliate partners etc. As we have thousands of students already subscribed to our platform, we give instant visibility of your course to our user base.
Off course you can! We recommend every instructor to promote there course in there community like Linkedin, facebook, personal website etc by using promo coupon codes. And, If anybody makes a purchase by using your Instructor Promo Coupon code, you are eligible to get 99% of the revenue from the course sale price.
Here are some of the key factors that differentiate us from our close competitors:
  1. Lowest Platform fee for Instructors. Therefore, higher ROI for Instructors.
  2. Multi Currencies Platform with best exchange rate.
  3. HLS video delivery.
  4. Larger audience from APAC region.
  5. Robust learning platform to give an amazing learning experience to both Students and Instructors.
  6. Self-Owned CDN network around the globe to deliver uninterrupted e-learning experience on all devices.
  7. 24/7 Instructor & Student Support Team.
Yes we do run promotional offers during festive seasons and during peak seasons to drive more sales for your courses, hence increasing the overall ROI.
Every course has different level of demand on our platform. Therefore we can’t give you the exact number. However, if you have approx 7-10 good demanding courses on our platform , you can expect an average earning of $1500 to $2500 / month. There is no limit that how much you can earn out our platform. There are some hot demanding courses that have clocked around $8k to $10k per month.
Yes students can claim refunds for the courses for upto 30 days. However, if the course is successfully completed and certificate has been issued, students cannot claim an refunds. Any applicable refunds are automatically deducted from your balance amount in the next payout.
We commit lifetime access to our students for every course they purchase. However, you can send an exception request to learnfly support team for any specific restrictions or requirements and our team can evaluate the request within 24 hours. Email the request to:
Our platform runs on Amazon Web Services, powered by AWS CDN Data Center Scalable Network with an uptime SLA of 99%.
Feel free to connect us via email at or Click on a chat icon to talk to our experts anytime.

Instructor Success Stories

“Learnfly is not just a place to be an instructor and train individuals. It is much more than just a platform to impart knowledge - Everyday, I wake up to a new world, get ample exposure to teach, to share and to learn. And most importantly, I make money doing it.”
Lazaro (Laz) Diaz
“Few people get the chance of earning money out of things which they love doing. I am incredibly fond of teaching people and sharing my ideas in order to enhance their skills. I am fortunate that I got Learnfly where I can earn money for doing what I am best in.”
Darshil Modi
“Individuals who take training from me and opted for my course contact me personally and share their experiences telling me how this course has made a difference in their lives. I never knew an online training platform like Learnfly can have such impact on individuals and corporates. I feel proud to be a part of it.”
Dariusz Lipski
“Learnfly has given me an opportunity to expand my reach. With such an impressive online training platform and its online certification training courses, I got the chance to build and promote my courseware online, share my knowledge with people across the world and build my own brand.”
Emma Grey

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