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Finance & Accounting
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Financial Modeling and Valuation...

by : Anurag Singal

By Anurag Singal | MBA IIM Ahmedabad| CA| 10+ yrs across MNCs | Now walk into yo...

22 lectures      All Level

$35 $40 13% off

Performance Measurement...

by : Ross Maynard

How to measure, manage and improve organisational performance...

12 lectures      All Level

$35 $40 13% off

Learn Corporate Finance Principles in 1 Hour...

by : Blair Cook

Learn how to apply finance principles in the real world to make financially rati...

8 lectures      Beginner

$35 $40 13% off

Learn MS Excel From Basic to Advance...

by : Ashwini Bissa

Enhance Your Skill With Excel....

14 lectures      Beginner

$35 $40 13% off

Advanced Capital Budgeting: Improve Long-term...

by : Blair Cook

Advanced Capital Budgeting: Improve Long-term ROI ...

7 lectures      Intermedite

$35 $40 13% off

Odoo: Purchases, Sales, Inventory with Accoun...

by : Quantic Statistics R spatial analysis

Know the Revenue on every Invoice to the client tracking Inventory Lots...

13 lectures      Beginner

$35 $40 13% off

Learn Accounting in 1 Hour....

by : Blair Cook

Learn basic bookkeeping skills including debits and credits, posting journal ent...

5 lectures      Beginner

$35 $40 13% off

Hotel Management Course - Analyse financial s...

by : Manish Gupta

Understand hotel/s standard profit & Loss statements, how to read and analyse th...

34 lectures      Intermedite

$35 $40 13% off

Auditing Financing Statements...

by : Blair Cook

Learn how to audit the financial statements of any organization....

28 lectures      Beginner

$35 $40 13% off

Best Practices for a Quicker Financial Close...

by : Blair Cook

Learn how top performing companies close their books each month in less than fiv...

5 lectures      Intermedite

$35 $40 13% off

How to carry out Financial Analysis as a Bank...

by : CA N Raja Natarajan

Take this course to carry out Financial Analysis comprising Ratio Analysis, Cash...

25 lectures      Intermedite

$35 $40 13% off

Presentation Skills for Finance Executives to...

by : Blair Cook

Deliver killer presentations that command an audience, influence behavior, and p...

10 lectures      Beginner

$35 $40 13% off

Financial Literacy: Reading Financial Stateme...

by : Blair Cook

Learn how to interpret all the parts of a set of financial statements and make d...

7 lectures      Beginner

$35 $40 13% off

Financing Strategies: Capitalizing to Maximiz...

by : Blair Cook

Learn what sources of financing to use at what stages of your company’s l...

7 lectures      Intermedite

$35 $40 13% off

Envision the Future: Financial Modeling Using...

by : Blair Cook

Learn to develop a financial projection/forecast including an income statement, ...

8 lectures      Intermedite

$35 $40 13% off
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