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Industry courses provide specialized knowledge and skills for specific sectors such as manufacturing, technology, or healthcare. Participants gain insights into industry-specific practices, regulations, and trends, preparing them for successful careers in their chosen field.

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Crude Oil Gas Expert course...

Charactertics of crude oil,Formation,Exploration,Drilling operation,Production & Plat...

By : Satyendra singh

4.8 295

11 lectures    Beginner Level   


Digital Transformation: A Practical & Integrated Approach - ...

A Novel approach to IR4.0 and Digital Transformation with combined theory and practic...

By : Issam Wadi

4.8 349

2:35:13 hrs   13 lectures    All Level   


NX CAM 2027 (Latest Version) + NX 11 CAM & Post Builder...

NX 2027 CAM (Latest Version) (Milling 3, 4, 5 Axis - Turning - Wire EDM) & Customize...

By : Mohamed Gamal

4.8 462

7:19:43 hrs   72 lectures    All Level   


Automotive/Automobile Engineering; Onboard Diagnostics(OBD)...

Fundamentals of Onboard Diagnostics and diagnosing the various subsystems of the Inte...

By : Vamsi Palem

4.8 91815

9 lectures    All Level   


Data Center Essentials: Mechanical & Cooling...

The mechanical cooling systems that support data centers and the internet....

By : John Peterson

4.8 8639

1:1:52 hrs   5 lectures    All Level   


Automotive Engineering; Engine Lubrication Systems...

Engine Lubrication Systems ; A subtopic in Automotive Engineering/ Automobile Enginee...

By : Vamsi Palem

4.3 9127

9 lectures    All Level   


Electrical Power Engineering Chapter 2: Voltage Drop & Fault...

Voltage Drop and Short Circuit Current Analysis in Electrical Power Networks...

By : ihsan emre bengi

4.9 87622

1:19:39 hrs   18 lectures    All Level   


Electrical Power Engineering Chapter 1: Fundamentals...

Fundamental concepts of Electrical Power Engineering....

By : ihsan emre bengi

3.7 9302

15 lectures    Beginner Level   


Request for Quotation (RFQ) in tendering process...

PRACTICAL steps used by the world class Procurement and Supply chain professionals...

By : Robert Freeman

4.6 21726

1:2:24 hrs   9 lectures    Beginner Level   


LEAD BD+C Online Course...

Full Credit Overview - Foundation Course - Created by approved USGBC Faculty...

By : Hans Weemaes

4.7 68764

3:50:23 hrs   75 lectures    All Level   

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  • Who can benefit from these courses?

    Industry courses cater to professionals, technicians, and individuals seeking to deepen their understanding and expertise within a specific industry, including sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing, technology, and more.

  • What skills will I gain?

    Participants will develop industry-specific skills and knowledge, ranging from technical expertise to regulatory compliance, project management, and other competencies essential for success within a particular field.

  • Are there any prerequisites?

    Prerequisites depend on the course and industry. Introductory courses may have no specific requirements, while advanced programs might assume a basic understanding of industry-specific concepts or qualifications.

  • Can these courses be taken online?

    Yes, many Industry courses are available online, providing flexibility for learners to study remotely. Online courses often include case studies, interactive simulations, and practical projects relevant to the specific industry.

  • Will I receive a certification upon completion?

    Most courses offer certificates or diplomas upon completion, recognizing the acquired industry-specific skills. Some programs may lead to more advanced certifications or degrees in a particular industry or field.

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