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  • Handle themselves and be seen by peers and their bosses as managers, rather than as capable doers.
  • Present, solve problems, manage their time, and deal with colleagues in a confident, assertive way.
  • Manage the people in their group or team, setting effective goals, delegating, and giving feedback.
  • Deal with poor performance, and develop staff.
  • Communicate at a managerial level to negotiate, motivate, and resolve conflict.
  • Develop their team and harness the power of a team, dealing with setbacks in team dynamics and running good team meetings.
  • Deploy five of the most essential tools for any manager to have in your toolkit.

Are you a new manager, or soon-to-be manager, who has not had any training in management?

You are probably good at doing what you do, but managing others is a new skill. You need to win respect, motivate effort, and improve performance. There is a lot to learn.

The New Manager's Five-week Success System will give you all the information you need to start managing effectively, from day 1.

And, if you are already a new manager, then you will be able to apply this material straight away, and get immediate results.

Dr Mike Clayton - my Management Story

Hi, I'm Mike Clayton. I’ve been training new managers for nearly 20 years. And I was once that new manager myself, so I know the challenge of going from a doing role to a managing role. It doesn’t matter how good you are at doing: management is something new.

So, I have included in this course all the things I most wish I'd known when i started managing teams of colleagues. And I have created it around nuggets of advice that you can put straight into action: 100 of them.

Using these tools, ideas, and methods, I was promoted from Manager to Senior Manager at Deloitte Consulting in one year - the minimum possible.

Here's what you'll get...

At the end of this course, you will be able to manage your team well… and to do so with confidence. You will be ready to take your place as an effective manager in your organization.

In this course, you’ll get 25 modules, covering all the basics of management. They are split into five sections with five themes:

personal effectiveness

communication skills

managing individuals

managing teams

manager’s toolkit

Take a look at the 25 lectures in the curriculum to see what you'll be covering, in more detail.

So, that’s one group of five videos a week: one a day. Each video gives you four essential tips that you can apply straight away to get guaranteed results. They build up into an indispensable list of 100 ‘do this’ essentials that will transform your ability to get results.

Do you want to succeed quickly?

...or fail slowly?

Take this course if you aim to succeed in management, and you want to make a rapid start.

... Especially if you are in a management role for the first time and feel out of your depth, without the support and guidance you need.

Let Mike Clayton, with 20 years of being a manager and training managers, be your guide.

Do You Have to do One-a-day for Five Weeks?


That structure makes it easy for people with only a few minutes to spare, each day.

If you prefer to work through them, faster, or to dip in and out, or to watch what you need, when you need it... That's all fine by me.

And however you watch these videos, don't forget: I will be here to answer any questions you have.

Your Unconditional, No-questions, 30-Day Guarantee

The best way to assess how valid this material is in you culture is to try it out. I am so confident that this course will change your life that I offer you an unconditional, no questions asked, full 30-day money-back-in-full guarantee. If you don't think this will give you the tools to do more with your time, then just ask for your money back.

And What if you have questions?

I will be on hand to answer your questions if you get stuck, puzzled, or just want to know more. As a professional trainer, this is what I do, and I promise to respond within 24 hours of your question arriving with me from Learnfly.

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Enroll for this course now, so you can start to regain control of your life straight away.

  • You won't need any materials or specific knowledge to do this course.
  • However, experience of organisational life will help you to put these modules into context.
  • This course is designed for new managers
  • ... or soon to be, new managers.
  • This course is perfect if you are strong technically or functionally, but have had little or no training in the craft of management.
  • Take this course if you aim to succeed in management, and you want to make a rapid start.
  • And particularly take this course if you are in a management role for the first time and feel a little out of your depth, without the support and guidance you need.
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  • Section 1 : Personal Effectiveness - How to be an Awesome Professional 5 Lectures 00:40:33

    • Lecture 1 :
    • Lecture 2 :
    • Tuesday: Personal Time Management
    • Lecture 3 :
    • Wednesday: Assert Yourself
    • Lecture 4 :
    • Thursday: Problem Solving
    • Lecture 5 :
    • Friday: Presenting
  • Section 2 : Managing Individuals - How to Get the Best from your People 5 Lectures 00:26:46

    • Lecture 1 :
    • Monday: Goal Setting
    • Lecture 2 :
    • Tuesday: Delegation
    • Lecture 3 :
    • Wednesday: Feedback
    • Lecture 4 :
    • Thursday: Poor Performance
    • Lecture 5 :
    • Friday: Coaching
  • Section 3 : Communication Skills - How to Make your Management Voice Heard 5 Lectures 00:26:26

    • Lecture 1 :
    • Monday: Listening
    • Lecture 2 :
    • Tuesday: Motivating
    • Lecture 3 :
    • Wednesday: Meetings
    • Lecture 4 :
    • Thursday: Negotiating
    • Lecture 5 :
    • Friday: Conflict
  • Section 4 : Team Management - How to Create and Keep a High Performance Team 5 Lectures 00:31:01

    • Lecture 1 :
    • Monday: The Power of Teams
    • Lecture 2 :
    • Tuesday; Team Development
    • Lecture 3 :
    • Wednesday: Team Maintenance
    • Lecture 4 :
    • Thursday: The Four Essentials of Team Management
    • Lecture 5 :
    • Friday: Team Meetings
  • Section 5 : Manager's Toolkit - How to Adapt to Whatever the Job Throws at You 5 Lectures 00:23:20

    • Lecture 1 :
    • Monday: Emotional Intelligence
    • Lecture 2 :
    • Tuesday: Transactional Analysis
    • Lecture 3 :
    • Wednesday: The SCOPE Process
    • Lecture 4 :
    • Thursday: Selecting Management Styles
    • Lecture 5 :
    • Friday: The Powerhouse Loop
  • How do i access the course after purchase?

    It's simple. When you sign up, you'll immediately have unlimited viewing of thousands of expert courses, paths to guide your learning, tools to measure your skills and hands-on resources like exercise files. There’s no limit on what you can learn and you can cancel at any time.
  • Are these video based online self-learning courses?

    Yes. All of the courses comes with online video based lectures created by certified instructors. Instructors have crafted these courses with a blend of high quality interactive videos, lectures, quizzes & real world projects to give you an indepth knowledge about the topic.
  • Can i play & pause the course as per my convenience?

    Yes absolutely & thats one of the advantage of self-paced courses. You can anytime pause or resume the course & come back & forth from one lecture to another lecture, play the videos mulitple times & so on.
  • How do i contact the instructor for any doubts or questions?

    Most of these courses have general questions & answers already covered within the course lectures. However, if you need any further help from the instructor, you can use the inbuilt Chat with Instructor option to send a message to an instructor & they will reply you within 24 hours. You can ask as many questions as you want.
  • Do i need a pc to access the course or can i do it on mobile & tablet as well?

    Brilliant question? Isn't it? You can access the courses on any device like PC, Mobile, Tablet & even on a smart tv. For mobile & a tablet you can download the Learnfly android or an iOS app. If mobile app is not available in your country, you can access the course directly by visting our website, its fully mobile friendly.
  • Do i get any certificate for the courses?

    Yes. Once you complete any course on our platform along with provided assessments by the instructor, you will be eligble to get certificate of course completion.
  • For how long can i access my course on the platform?

    You require an active subscription to access courses on our platform. If your subscription is active, you can access any course on our platform with no restrictions.
  • Is there any free trial?

    Currently, we do not offer any free trial.
  • Can i cancel anytime?

    Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Your subscription will auto-renew until you cancel, but why would you want to?
  • business-writing-and-technical-english-arabic-enabled

    Business Writing and Technical Engl...

    By : Ibrahim Al-Tirhi Al-Tirhi

    Lecture 19 Intermediate Level 1:13:49
  • practical-business-analysis-part-1-2019-real-stuff-no-faff

    Practical Business Analysis - Part ...

    By : Pardha Mantravadi

    Lecture 28 Intermediate Level 2:13:1
  • success-tips-training-for-scrum-master-certifications

    Success Tips: Training for Scrum Ma...

    By : Jimmy Mathew

    Lecture 7 Intermediate Level 0:54:19
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