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Financial Analysis

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Performance Measurement ...

By : [email protected]

How to measure, manage and improve organisational performance

12 lectures      All Level


Advanced Capital Budgeting: Improve Long-term ROI ...

By : Blair

Advanced Capital Budgeting: Improve Long-term ROI

7 lectures      Intermedite


Auditing Financing Statements ...

By : Blair

Learn how to audit the financial statements of any organization.

28 lectures      Beginner


How to carry out Financial Analysis as a Banker ...

By : CA N Raja

Take this course to carry out Financial Analysis comprising Ratio Analysis, Cash Flow & Fund Flow Analysis as a Banker

25 lectures      Intermedite


Presentation Skills for Finance Executives to Make ...

By : Blair

Deliver killer presentations that command an audience, influence behavior, and persuade action

10 lectures      Beginner


Financing Strategies: Capitalizing to Maximize Ret ...

By : Blair

Learn what sources of financing to use at what stages of your company’s lifecycle and how to negotiate the best terms

7 lectures      Intermedite


Accounting Basics ...

By : Eric

Learn concepts in financial accounting

15 lectures      Beginner


Accounting Basics in 66 Minutes ...

By : CA N Raja

Understand Basics of Accounting through simple visual images and animations which adds life to the numbers

13 lectures      Intermedite


How to carry out Term Loan Appraisal as Banker ...

By : CA N Raja

Take this course to gain practical experience of Term Loan Appraisal and Term Loan Assessment.

39 lectures      Intermedite

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