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SharePoint 2016 Training & Certification

SharePoint 2016 Training & Certification

Rated : 4.9 73422 views Duration :12 Days Level : Intemediate
Last Updated: 2022-07-25 09:07:37 English Delivery Format: Live Training
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  • Unlimited Doubt Sessions
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Course Overview


SharePoint training provides students with the maximum insight into farm configuration, SharePoint server, development and customisations to optimize performance, manageability, security and availability. Server Administrator for SharePoint also gives assurance for SharePoint environment by making sure that farms and servers are configured correctly and match to the best practices. The course deliverables include SharePoint Designer 2013 training and the contents mapped to SharePoint administration certification.


    Working knowledge of Windows.

Course Outline

  • Planning and Administering SharePoint 2016

    Planning and Administering SharePoint 2016 course imparts essential skills and knowledge to plan and administer SharePoint 2016 in an enterprise environment. This SharePoint training teaches participants the fundamentals of deploying, administering, and troubleshooting Microsoft SharePoint business environments. This SharePoint course also shares best practices, guidelines, and considerations for optimizing a SharePoint deployment on the cloud or in a data centre.

    Course Objectives

    • Understand and design the underlying physical, logical and information architecture of SharePoint 2016.
    • Understand the features and characteristics of SharePoint 2016 environment.
    • Learn to install, configure and deploy SharePoint 2016.
    • Install, configure and manage site collections, web applications and service applications.
    • Manage and configure users/user profiles, authentication, and permissions
    • Configure secure content by ensuring farm and platform-level security in SharePoint 2016.
    • Handle information taxonomy in SharePoint site collections and web applications.
    • Implement and manage the search experience in SharePoint 2016.
    • Control, troubleshoot, maintain a SharePoint 2016 deployment.

  • Advanced Technologies of SharePoint 2016

    Advanced Technologies of SharePoint 2016 course imparts training on planning, configuring, and managing the advanced features in a SharePoint 2016 deployment. Advanced features and functionality covered in this SharePoint training include implementation of high availability and disaster recovery, social computing, Microsoft Business Connectivity Services, collaboration platforms, service application architecture and productivity. This Advanced SharePoint certification also encompasses Enterprise Content Management, business intelligence, web content management, and apps. Participants enrolled for this SharePoint 2016 training will also learn development and implementation of a governance plan, and performing an upgrade or migration to SharePoint 2016.

    Course Objectives

    • Understand the underlying architecture of SharePoint 2016 and its new features.
    • Understand and implement the advanced hybrid features of SharePoint 2016.
    • Design and implement high availability and disaster recovery for SharePoint 2016.
    • Implement and manage Secure Store and Service Business Connectivity Services.
    • Install and implement productivity services, social computing and business intelligence for SharePoint 2016.
    • Configure and manage Enterprise Content Management and web content management for an Internet-facing SharePoint environment.
    • Configure and implement collaboration platforms and features.
    • Plan and implement productivity features and work management.
    • Conduct a SharePoint 2016 upgrade or migration.

  • Sharepoint 2013 Site Collection and Site Administration

    The SharePoint 2013 course offered by Learnfly Solutions is designed for power users who work within its technology environment. This training program from Learnfly Solutions will provide deep insights into the essential and key skills required to become a SharePoint administrator for site collections. This latest and highly in-demand training is ideal for SharePoint site collection administrators or site administrators and power users who need to work with such an infrastructure.

    Course Objectives

    • Designing and implementing a company's portal structure including sites, pages, libraries and lists
    • Understanding the role of security and access privileges in this technology infrastructure deployment
    • Implementing consistency guidelines for creating the company's  portal so that is helps in the day-to-day general administration of content.
    • Using themes and web parts available to enhance the design and improve content on the company's portal.
    • Understanding the significance of governance for planning and management of future growth.
    • Identifying different options to integrate data from various systems while preserving the existing data available.
    • Understanding the role played by social networking in company's IT deployment and its corresponding impact on collaboration.

  • Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2013

    Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Course from Learnfly provides you in-depth knowledge of not only the core concepts but also advanced solutions for this server deployment. The course aims to impart skills on configuring and managing SharePoint Server 2013 while getting acquainted with considerations, guidelines and best practices to be followed in order to optimize performance. Advanced areas covered in this training program include service application architecture, high availability, social computing, business intelligence, content management, disaster recovery etc.

    Course Objectives

    • Installing and configuring SharePoint Server 2013
    • Designing logical, physical and information architectures
    • Creating web applications, service applications and site collections
    • Managing users, accessing privileges and permissions
    • Configuring and managing Business Connectivity Services, Business Intelligence, social computing features etc.
    • Optimizing search experience for enterprise users
    • Developing and implementing a governance plan
    • Performing upgrades or migrating to SharePoint 2013

  • SharePoint 2016 End User Training

    SharePoint is a Microsoft solution which helps in providing 100% customised business solutions. It is meant for end users (project members or team members) who are either new to SharePoint or have little or no experience of it. It helps them become a confident user of SharePoint. Course includes SharePoint basics such as working with lists and libraries, customisation of basic page, management of site permissions and users etc.

    Course Objectives

    • Create and customise SharePoint lists.
    • Create SharePoint libraries.
    • Manage library document versions.
    • Create and edit web page content
    • Integrate office applications.
    • Manage basic permissions of SharePoint 2016

  • SharePoint 2016 Power User

    SharePoint power user course is for beginners to learn how to become productive quickly. The focus is on most important information and document management features. The course does not require any prior knowledge of SharePoint. This SharePoint 2016 Power User training class is designed for individuals who need to learn the fundamentals of managing SharePoint sites.

    Course Objectives

    • Learn core SharePoint features - lists, columns, views, versions, alerts
    • Learn to use tasks and sub-tasks to create project plans and communicate project schedules via timelines.
    • Learn to use Metadata Navigation.
    • Learn about different page types and expose the right information using web parts.
    • Learn to create and initiate out of box workflows
    • Learn to use Term stores and managed Metadata.

  • SharePoint 2013 End User Level 1

    This module will teach candidates how to assign basic and advanced permissions. After completing this module, candidates will be able to comprehend List Management tasks, My Sites, SharePoint Lists, Permissions and basic SharePoint Foundation sites, and Newsfeeds and Search queries. This module is indented for Business users and anybody who works with SharePoint sites usually.

    Course Objectives

    • Create a Data Connection Library
    • Create a Contact List
    • How to use and create Document Sets
    • Create and modify a My Site
    • Setup and Configure Permissions for External List
    • Create a Discussion Board
    • Create/Upload an Universal Data Connection
    • How to create and use the various lists in SharePoint
    • Adding list columns to tag your content with metadata
    • Create/Upload an Office Data Connection
    • Create an Announcement List
    • Use Check out and Check in
    • Understand that SharePoint has no deny

  • SharePoint 2013 End User Level 2

    This module will teach candidates about the all the new site admin features exposed in SharePoint. After completing this module, candidates will be able to employ Workflows, explore schemas, site customisation, site administration, and site collection administration. This module is intended for people responsible for managing SharePoint sites as Owners or Site Collection Owners.

    Course Objectives

    • Manage Site Content Types and Site Columns
    • Configure the Managed Metadata Service
    • Implement SharePoint Roles and Role Assignments
    • Secure and Audit SharePoint Content
    • Implement SharePoint 2010 Social Networking Features
    • Delegate the Ability to Use Windows PowerShell to Manage SharePoint
    • Report Web and Site Collection Properties

  • SharePoint 2013 End User

    This SharePoint 2013 End User course covers both Level-I and Level-II, thus exploring all basic and advanced features of Microsoft SP 2013.This training program is highly recommended for professionals who manage SharePoint sites as Owners or End Users. Also, business users who wish to learn advanced features of SharePoint sites can enroll for this course.

    Course Objectives

    • All basic sites (Apps) and lists.
    • Assigning basic and advanced permissions.
    • Working with My Sites social features and exploring new project and community sites.
    • Creating and sending search queries.
    • Learn about SharePoint Server site definitions including eDiscovery, Business Intelligence, Search centre, Document centre, Education, etc.
    • Utilizing workflows and search schemas
    • Site Administration, Site Collection Administration and Site customisation.

  • SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence

    SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence course offers core skills on BI features of SharePoint that include Excel Services, Visio Services, PerformancePoint Service, and Business Connectivity Services. The new improved Business Intelligence centre service is elaborated in this course and all latest features of SharePoint 2013 are also covered. This course only focuses on business intelligence platform on SharePoint and not on SQL BI services.

    Course Objectives

    • Browsing data in Visual Studio 2013.
    • Importing/exporting data and connecting to a tabular source
    • Using SharePoint 2013 Central Administration options and settings.
    • Using the Power View in Excel.
    • Creating Excel workbooks and saving to SharePoint document library.
    • Adding Web Applications to a webpage.
    • Using Dashboard Designer and creating a data source.
    • Creating filters and using them for analysis.
    • Creating Time Intelligence filters and data connections, and using both to create reports.

  • Microsoft End to End Business Intelligence Boot Camp

    The Microsoft End to End Business Intelligence Course is a high level training that introduces participants to SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence and SQL 2012 BI services. This includes Excel Services, Visio Services, PerformancePoint Service, Business Connectivity Services and Business Intelligence centre. These modules are stand-alone allowing users to customise the course according to their inclination for a particular technology. The course aims to explain the interdependencies between these so as to give a 360 degree view to students. The course is a combination of theoretical understanding and practical demonstrations that let students perform exercises themselves for a wholesome learning experience.

    Course Objectives

    • Using SQL Server Management Studio for browsing data in the cube.
    • Using Visual Studio 2013 to browse data.
    • Connecting to tabular sources to import/export data.
    • Creating a sample/test database.
    • Creating a project.
    • Understanding and implementing the MDX functionality.
    • Using Table Import Wizard for importing data.
    • Using Excel for connecting to a Tabular Model.
    • Using the new SharePoint 2013 Central Administration in your project to explore its properties and settings.
    • Creating a new BI site and a web application using features of both SharePoint and SQL.
    • Creating a SharePoint library for Excel workbooks.
    • Using the PowerPivot and Power View feature in Excel
    • Exploring the Dashboard Designer interface and creating/configuring a data source.
    • Using Report Manager for creation of a shared data source.

  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 for the Site Owner/Power User

    This course is designed for power users and site owners who wish to know more about document management, team collaboration, and social features in Microsoft SharePoint 2013. Site Collection Administrators, SharePoint Server Administrators, can benefit from this training by learning how to effectively manage and administer a SharePoint deployment.

    Course Objectives

    • Add users, groups while managing security for the site, folders, lists, and items
    • Add and configure web parts
    • Configure site navigation
    • Configure site options including title, theme, icon and description
    • Configure Check in/out, versioning and Content Approval
    • customise libraries and lists
    • View reports on site activity
    • Work with Site Content Types and Site Columns
    • Create and modify pages and web part pages

  • Microsoft InfoPath 2013

    InfoPath 2013 helps participants create end-to-end solutions on SharePoint Server 2013 that consist of powerful forms along with enterprise scale workflow and access to key business data. After completing this course, students will be able to develop commanding business applications on the SharePoint platform to interact with external data, to drive workflow, and to improve web pages. InfoPath is a powerful XML editing engine that allows end users to interface easily with data.

    Course Objectives

    • Comprehend InfoPath versus Web Controls and Web Parts
    • Design a SharePoint Form Using the Blank Form Template
    • Create a Form Library from InfoPath
    • Allow Users to Select a Single Selection from a List of Items
    • Allow Users to Select Multiple Items from a List of Items
    • Allow Users to Select an Optional Single Choice
    • Implement a Validation Rule
    • Add an Action Rule to a Button
    • Default a Blank Amount to Zero
    • Determine a Count of the Items Entered
    • Obtain a Portion of an Entered String
    • Add Headers/Footers to Your Form
    • Modify a Table Layout in Your Form
    • Perform Workflow Actions Based on Form Values

  • SharePoint Designer 2013

    Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2013 course is intended for Power users, Site Collection Administrators, and Developers who desire to learn the SharePoint workflow development procedure with the use of SharePoint Designer, the Visual Designer, and Visio. This course is intended for all business professionals including IT professional, managers, developers, project managers, project leads, and team leads.

    Course Objectives

    • Explore SharePoint Designer user Interface
    • Build a Workflow Lunch Request
    • Build and Configure Stages, Steps, and Parallel Blocks
    • Build a SharePoint Library
    • Add a Content Type to a List or Library
    • Build and Configure Reusable Workflow
    • Build and Configure State Machine Workflow
    • Employ the Out-Of-The-Box Workflows
    • Employ the Three-State Workflow
    • Employ the Approval Workflow
    • Open a Workflow in Visual Designer
    • Build a Workflow in Visual Designer

  • No-Code SharePoint 2013 Workflows with SharePoint Designer 2013 and Visio

    This course focuses on delivering the comprehensive knowledge about the SharePoint 2013 Workflows in conjunction with Designer 2013 Workflows and Visio 2013. The course explains the features of SharePoint 2013, types of workflows, Designer UI, Out-Of-The-Box Workflows, workflow planning, and collecting feedback. Students will learn how to use Designer Workflow Interface and creation and configuring State Machine workflows. SharePoint Designer 2013 and Visio 2013 will be focused areas so as to facilitate working with workflows more efficiently.

    Course Objectives

    • Understand SharePoint 2013 Workflows and their types
    • Explore and use SharePoint 2013 Designer User Interface
    • Work with Out-Of-The-Box Workflows and collect feedbacks
    • Understand Designer 2013 Workflows and best practices
    • Understand SharePoint Designer 2013 and Visio 2013
    • Identify and resolve Concept Reinforcement Scenarios

  • Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Core Solutions

    The SharePoint Certification training on Core Solutions will provide skills common to SharePoint development. Participants will learn to work with object models both client-side and server-side, identity management and permissions, development and deployment of features, apps and solutions, taxonomy management, business process management using workflows, querying and updating list data, and customisation of user interface, in this SharePoint training.

    Course Objectives

    • Plan and design applications for better performance and scalability in sharepoint course
    • Create and customise the appearance and behavior of user interface elements
    • Develop Code for custom components with authorization and authentication
    • Learn to deploy and distribute SharePoint Apps in this SharePoint certification course
    • Automate business processes using custom workflows
    • Implement REST-API and client side object model
    • Manage taxonomy using different content types and fields

  • Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Advanced Solutions

    This module is planned for professional developers who create solutions for SharePoint products and technologies in a medium-sized to large development environment. This module will provide SharePoint developers the information needed to execute SharePoint solutions with the use of Enterprise Search, Web Content Management , Business Connectivity Services, Managed Metadata Service, Enterprise Content Management, Social Computing features and SharePoint Apps.

    Course Objectives

    • Authenticate and authorise Apps for SharePoint
    • Design Apps for Performance
    • Configure Managed Metadata Term Sets
    • Work with Managed Metadata Fields
    • Build Search Queries with KQL and FQL
    • Execute Search Queries from Code
    • Configure Result Types and Display Templates
    • customise Content Processing
    • Register a Custom Document ID Provider
    • Apply a Custom Audit Policy
    • Use the Device Panel Control
    • Create a French Variation
    • Diagnose Faults in Deployed Apps
    • Test Performance and Scalability

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