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  • Investing at the time of recession
  • How to Manage assets
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Recession the word feared by the masses


Here are some facts.

According to the recent financial reports, the Most number of millionaires are made at the time of recession


Most numbers of billionaires double their wealth at the time of global financial crises.

If you or someone you know who have lived through a recession can exactly tell you how traumatic is the time in crises.

People are not only in emotional or financial stress but they are under continuous pressure of losing their job, business, or life-saving or even their home.

Everyone is now aware that the world is about to be hit by an inevitable global financial crisis Or Recession

The Global Recession of 2020 is going to be one of the scariest recession humanity has ever seen.

We faced the last recession in 2008 and the next recession will be after 7-8 years.

Recession can be an opportunity in disguise if you have a recession-proof plan.


So What exactly is world recession or global financial crises?

A period of temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activity are reduced, generally identified by a fall in GDP in two successive quarters.


I know after reading this there might be some questions that might have come into your mind.

And Just like every other recession, this recession is going to have 2 sides

1 side which is going to struggle, lose jobs, live savings, break families and can see even worse in this crashing market

The side where people the majority of people will lose their jobs, business clients.

Families, companies are going to get bankrupt

Ad the Side 2 The side which has been waiting for this phenomena to occur

The side which is going to make a fortune of their lifetime.

The side where people are going to multiply their wealth by 2x , 5x or even 10x


I know you might be thinking how is this possible?

How can someone grow their fortune in this crashing market?

How is it possible for a certain segment of society to double or even quadruple their fortune In this crashing market?


why does recession occur?

what causes a recession or what are the causes of recession?

why the economy collops at the time of recession?


Let's see how does a recession occurs or how can we say that recessions have arrived.

The health of the country’s economy is measured by GDP


Which stands for Gross domestic product.

GDP is the sum of the market values of all final goods and services produced in an economy during a period of time

That means everything you buy or anything on which you spend your money on gets counted into the country’s GDP

Like food, mobiles, cars, from a small pin to private jet everything is counted in the country’s GDP.

Generally growing GDP is always good for the country and its economy.

But what happens when the GDP starts to decline. it creates an economic slowdown.

Fewer products are sold in the market, due to these companies makes less profit, because of these people start losing their jobs and eventually the purchasing power of customer or the people decreases.

This leads to a downward spiral which causes GDP to go down.

And When the GDP of a country is decreasing for 6 months then it is considered a recession.

But what actually causes recessions

There is no single answer for that there are thousands of variables involved in causing a recession.

So no one can exactly blame one single cause that leads to recession.

Our world economic system is flawed and due to this recession is mandatory to occur after some years.

It has occurred multiple times in the past. a recession occurs in a recession cycle. it occurs after every 7-10 years.


When a recession occurs how do people react to it?

When recessions occur everything starts losing its value

the market goes in the state of panic

And people start selling.


People sell their stocks, properties, assets

News about market crash starts to dwell on tv screens and newspapers.


When a recession occurs what does the majority of the masses do?


They start selling.


Everyone goes into a state of panic and start selling their assets with every news of market crashing.


Now What does the upper segment of the society does that this time ???


They all have billions of dollars invested in the market.


And just like us, they all know that a recession is about to occur.


So what do they do?

Do they just sit and watch the market crash and watch their investment go to shit.


They sell everything and wait for the market to recover.

The answer is non.

A huge secret displacement of Investment takes place just before the prime of recession.

And the displacement is not sudden it takes place gradually.

They all displace their money from the market to Some secret assets.

These secret assets are those assets that tend to show exponential growth at the time of recession.

Very few people are aware of these assets. .


I know a lot more questions might have come into your mind like -

Where to put money during a recession?

How to make money from a recession?

Where to put your money before a recession?

where to invest money during a recession?


All your questions will be answered in this course.


In this course, you will learn -


  1. Introduction to Investing - There are a lot of people who are new to the industry of investing. They may not have a lot of knowledge about investing. This video covers all the basics which you will need to know about investing.


  2. Why should you invest in this Recession - In our schools, we are taught a lot of different subjects but one important subject of money has been missing from schools around the world. This video cover why investing is important for each and every one.


  3. How much to invest in this recession - Every one of us eventually finds a way to make money but no one has ever taught us how much should you spend and how much should you invest. This video in the course will help you understand how much should you invest according to your income level. each and everyone is different and everyone has different income so how much should you invest according to your income is covered in this class.


  4. What is Recession - For people who don't know about the phenomena of recession this video will help you understand exactly what is the meaning of recession and what is recession all about.


  5. Why does recession occurs - In this video, you will learn about why does a recession or global financial crisis occurs and how exactly it affects the market around the world.


  6. How you can make money in recession - This video is all about to understand how exactly you can invest in recession and make money during the upcoming recession.


In this part of the course, we will reveal recession-proof investment or safe investment during a recession or smart investing during the recession.


This part will reveal the asset which tends to show exponential growth at the time of recession.


Asset #1 ( Safe Heaven) - This asset has been proven to be one of the best investments during the recession. Since the beginning of human civilization, this asset has played an important role and has provided consistent gains in each recession. Safe investment during a recession.


Asset #2 (Millionaire Maker) - This asset has the capacity of making you the next millionaire in a recession or global financial crisis. This is not just a normal asset which will give you a 10%-20% return on investment in recession. This asset has show more than 1000% of growth in the past recession. These are some recession-proof stocks.



Asset #3 ( The Asset of the Future) - this asset is going to change the world forever and in this recession certain events have takes place because of which these assets can explode during the recession. I call these assets the asset of the future.


Asset #4 ( Best Investment on Earth ) - The Sub headling of the asset defines the best part of this asset. This asset is the best investment on earth. Investing during the recession in this asset can provide you with a great ROI in recession.


Now the final part of the course.

Recession-Proof Portfolio - I will be revealing 4 secret assets in this class and there are sub-assets which you need to have in your investment portfolio in recession. Adding these assets in your portfolio will result in smart investing during a recession. But you have to make sure that you invest before a recession or do invest before a recession.

Right Mindset to Invest in recession - It is very important for any investor to invest with the right mindset. having a wrong mindset during a recession can result in bad decision making at the time of recession. This video will play a vital video while investing in a recession or during a recession.

If you want to make money in recession this course will provide you with all the important information which you should know about the crisis and how to thrive in it.

First of all, we will discuss the inevitable phenomena which are about to occur very soon.

The inevitable Phenomena is called a recession or global financial crises

This upcoming recession is not just a recession is going to be the biggest recession that the whole of humanity has ever seen.

Why do I call this the opportunity of the Decade

You are about to witness an opportunity which you haven’t seen in years and you are not going to see this until 2030.

Yes, this is why it is the opportunity of the decade.

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  • Forex Trader
  • Crypto Trader,
  • Stock Trader
  • Investor
  • Extra Income
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  • Section 1 : Investing in Recession 4 Lectures 00:04:40

    • Lecture 1 :
    • Lecture 2 :
    • What is investing
    • Lecture 3 :
    • Why Should You Invest
    • Lecture 4 :
    • How much to Invest ?
  • Section 2 : Recession 2 Lectures 00:04:03

    • Lecture 1 :
    • What is Recession & Why Does it Occur ?
    • Lecture 2 :
    • How you can Benefit from Recession ?
  • Section 3 : Secret Assets 4 Lectures 00:13:43

    • Lecture 1 :
    • Secret Assets #1
    • Lecture 2 :
    • Secret Assets #2
    • Lecture 3 :
    • Secret Assets #3
    • Lecture 4 :
    • Secret Assets #4
  • Section 4 : Advance Stuffs 2 Lectures 00:08:39

    • Lecture 1 :
    • Portfolio
    • Lecture 2 :
    • Right Mindset for Investing in Recession.
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