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Big Data Pipeline Applied to UFOs...

by : Eduardo Morelli

Use Big Data tools (R, RStudio, MongoDB, AzureML) to solve a real problem!

6 lectures      Beginner

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Git and GitHub Version Control - The Complete...

by : Abhilash Nelson

Crash course in Git and Github Version Control

15 lectures      Beginner

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Statistics for Data Scientists and Data Analy...

by : Phikolomzi Gugwana

Histograms, Box Plot and Descriptive Statistics in R

31 lectures      Intermedite

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Big Data and Hadoop...

by : Saheb Singh

Managing Big data using Hadoop tools like MapReduce, Hive, Pig, hBase and m

26 lectures      Beginner

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Machine Learning from Scratch using Python...

by : Saheb Singh

Machines are now learning, why aren't you?

14 lectures      Beginner

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Data Preparation for Analytics A-Z™: Altery...

by : Shokat Ali

Master the Art of Data Preparation using Alteryx

13 lectures      Beginner

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Technical Writing: How to Write Software Docu...

by : Jordan Stanchev

Learn to write and produce software documentation using DITA in Oxygen XML Author editor

21 lectures      Beginner

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Apache NiFi - The Complete Guide (Part 1)...

by : Manoj G T

Apache NiFi is a robust open-source Data Ingestion and Distribution framework and more.

19 lectures      Beginner

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Learn RabbitMQ_ Asynchronous Messaging with J...

by : Niyazi Erdogan

Learn how to develop Queues, Exchanges, Routings and Listeners with Rabbit MQ using Java and Spring!

36 lectures      Intermedite

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Getting your hands on Azure IoT...

by : Khaled Jemni

Get started and learn how to work with Azure IoT Hub, Device Provisioning Service, Azure Stream Analytics and IoT Edge

7 lectures      Beginner

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Complete Microsoft Orleans .NET: From Zero to...

by : Radim Motycka

A Developer's Guide for disrupting old way of backend development with C# and Orleans.NET

22 lectures      Intermedite

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Advance Hive & Sqoop - Expert in Big Data Ana...

by : Navdeep Kaur

Great for CCA 159 Preparation - Big Data Certification for Non Programmers,Business Analyst,Testers and Sql Developers.

47 lectures      Beginner

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Learn Apache Cassandra in Just 2 Hours...

by : Navdeep Kaur

A complete guide for Cassandra architecture, Cassandra Query language ,Cluster management, Java & Spark integration.

23 lectures      Intermedite

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Master Big Data with Sqoop,Flume,Hive and Spa...

by : Navdeep Kaur

Complete course on Sqoop, Flume & Hive- Great for CCA175 & Hortonwork Spark Certification preparation.

70 lectures      Intermedite

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