Big Data Pipeline Applied to UFOs

Use Big Data tools (R, RStudio, MongoDB, AzureML) to solve a real problem!

Instructed by Eduardo Morelli

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  • In this course you will learn how to use tools normally used in Big Data problems. It is a practical course. You will learn and apply what you got to discover amazing things about UFOs reports

Certainly, you have already heard a lot about Big Data and how it will change the World. Probably you may have some basic understanding of it and even might have seen some tools. However, I bet you have never heard about UFOs and Big Data. Together.

In this course, you will go beyond usual courses. Here you will learn about the Big Data Pipeline and how it can be used to discover some interesting facts about reports collected along 20 years. 

Would it be a UFO shape most popular? In which day of the week UFOs tend to be seen mostly? Which city in the US has reported more sights?

Do the course, learn about tools usually applied to Big data problems (R, MongoDB, AzureML) and answer those questions!

  • Despite the fact we are going to use RStudio, Robomongo and AzureML, all needed instructions will be provided during the course. Therefore, the only prerequisite would be just stay open to brand new knowledge!
  • Anyone interested in being acquainted with I named
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Section 1 : Welcome

  • Lecture 1 :

Section 2 : Collect and Explore

  • Lecture 1 :
  • Collect and Explore
  • The first thing to do with any Big Data problem is to collect data. In this class, we are going to do some web scrapping and get acquainted with what we have just collected.

Section 3 : Prepare

  • Lecture 1 :
  • Prepare
  • Once data is properly collect and explored, we must apply some changes on it: deal with missing values, remove not important variables, create new ones, etc. All we do here is to make data more useful to apply some analytics.

Section 4 : Store

  • Lecture 1 :
  • Class 4

Section 5 : Analyze and Visualize

  • Lecture 1 :
  • Analyze and Visualize

Section 6 : Firewall

  • Lecture 1 :
  • Firewall

Eduardo Morelli,

Data specialist with 31+ years of experience in IT, mostly dedicated to consulting and teaching. Since April 2014, I have been involved with Big Data topics thanks to my job as MIT Big Data Pos Graduation Coordinator at Instituto Infnet. Since the very beginning, I had to study a lot of topics and talk with many amazing people (not to mention my excellent students). All this effort brought me to another professional level: today I have a very good understanding of what makes a “Big Data” solution work (starting with data capture, its preparation, messaging stuff, programming, persistence and Machine Learning). However, as I was born to make data live, Database Architecture, Administration, Migration, and Tuning are my favorite topics: despite Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Apache Hive and MongoDB being my favorites, I could work with any data management system. In 2017 I discovered the power of Graphs, especially Neo4j. Nowadays it is hard not seeing a graph in every corner! Teaching is in my veins, so after leaving PUC-Rio, where I graduated and got my MSc degree, I moved to Instituto Infnet (working there since 2009). Fortunately, I had the opportunity to teach in several places, like Charlotte-NC (Data Modeling & SQL, July 2016 and SQL, July 2017), Blumenau-SC (MongoDB, February 2017) and Santos-SP (SQL, March 2015), among others. Therefore, if you need a teacher for Data topics, get in touch, no matter your location. Remoting DBA is on my radar. If you have a database and nobody is taking care, please contact me. Besides being a regular database topics teacher, I have written four books and published 4 online courses
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