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Machine Learning

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Data Visualization using R Programming. ...

By : Datahill

Learn why, what, how about data visualization in simple and easy way by using R

14 lectures      All Level

$25 $65 62% off

Data Science Basic Course - DATAhill Solutions. ...

By : Datahill

Basic about Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Data Visualization

13 lectures      All Level


Data Analysis - Learn how to extract the data. ...

By : Datahill

Data Extraction from different formats like csv, excel, url, databases, etc using Python and R

11 lectures      All Level

$25 $55 55% off

Machine Learning with R ...

By : Bert

Understand machine learning models and how to implement them in R from an expert in Data Science. (All code included)

124 lectures      Intermedite

$25 $165 85% off

Road Map to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Le ...

By : Vinoth

This course specifically created for AI Aspirants who are eager to know about the road map to AI and ML

13 lectures      Beginner


Machine Learning for Data Science using Matlab ...

By : Dr. Nouman

Learn to implement classification and clustering algorithms using MATLAB wi

62 lectures      Beginner

$25 $185 86% off

Data Preprocessing for Machine Learning using MATL ...

By : Dr. Nouman

Learn to implement commonly used Data Preprocessing Techniques in MATLAB

30 lectures      Beginner

$25 $185 86% off

Machine Learning from Scratch using Python ...

By : Saheb

Machines are now learning, why aren't you?

14 lectures      Beginner

$25 $45 44% off
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