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Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program, which is included in the Microsoft Office suite of applications. MS Excel is commonly used for analysing, sorting, reporting and storing data.

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2024 Advanced Excel, Data Analytics and Visualisations...

By : Stephen Saxton

Learn advanced formulas, functions, charts, pivot tables, macros, to perform data an...

4.3 480

2:22:2 hrs   66 lectures Expert Level   


Microsoft Excel - 5 Levels Mastery Course ...

By : Kamarthi Karthik

200+ Excel Shortcuts, Formulae ,Charts , Custom Visualizations , Data Analysis, Power...

4.1 438

14:4:25 hrs   38 lectures All Level   


Mastering Excel: A Comprehensive Guide for Professionals...

By : Stephen Saxton

Moving on with Excel, start automating, visualising and seamlessly reporting...

4.5 414

3:23:39 hrs   36 lectures Intermedite Level   


Unleash the Power of Microsoft Excel...


Learn Microsoft Excel for Business Application....

4.8 453

3:14:30 hrs   41 lectures All Level   


Microsoft Excel from Beginner to Expert...


Excel Basics...

4.5 469

85 lectures Beginner Level   


Essential Excel Skills: A Mastery Journey with Practical Exe...

By : Gerasimos Magoulas

Learning Microsoft Excel fast with Practical Exercises...

4.5 729

2:5:47 hrs   10 lectures Beginner Level   


Using Microsoft Office to Design Modern Forms for Visual Stu...

By : Binary CodeSoft

The students will learn how to use Microsoft Office PowerPoint / Paint to design new ...

4.8 509

8 lectures All Level   


Excel Masterclass - Beginner to Advanced Level...

By : Asif Hafeez

Learn Microsoft Excel from Novice to Expert & learn the art of creating quick Reports...

4.8 431

4:1:18 hrs   28 lectures All Level   


Microsoft Excel for beginners...

By : Widhi Muttaqien

Learn Excel 365 / 2019 from zero to hero in the shortest time possible...

4.3 464

10:34:49 hrs   87 lectures Beginner Level   


The Complete Computer Basics Guide for Beginners : 2023...

By : Sarmad Jadoon

Computer Basics, Basic Computer Course, Some of Windows 11 Basics, Microsoft Word Bas...

4.5 411

9:10:45 hrs   93 lectures Beginner Level   

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  • What is Microsoft Excel?

    Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet software part of the Microsoft Office suite, used for creating, organizing, and analyzing data through grid-like tables called spreadsheets.

  • How do I create a formula in Excel?

    To create a formula, select a cell, type "=" followed by the desired formula (e.g., "=SUM(A1:A5)"), and press Enter. Excel will calculate and display the result.

  • Can I create charts and graphs in Excel?

    Yes, Excel offers a variety of chart types. Select your data, go to the "Insert" tab, choose a chart, and customize it to visually represent your data.

  • What is the purpose of Excel functions?

    Excel functions perform specific calculations or tasks. Examples include SUM for addition, AVERAGE for calculating averages, and VLOOKUP for searching data.

  • How can I protect a worksheet or workbook in Excel?

    To protect a worksheet or workbook, go to the "Review" tab, click "Protect Sheet" or "Protect Workbook," set a password, and choose restrictions to control access.

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