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Ethical Hacking

Whether you’re interested in landing your first IT security job, becoming a full-time white hat hacker, or preparing to test the security of your own home network, Learnfly offers approachable, hands-on ethical hacking courses to help you keep your networks safe from cyber criminals. Learn on the go from any device & from any place. Signup for top Ethical hacking courses below and start learning today!

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2024 Ethical Hack the Planet...

By : Twinkle Sharma

Learn Ethical Hacking + Penetration Testing! Use real techniques by black hat hackers...

4.8 7889

2:54:0 hrs   77 lectures Intermedite Level   


Complete Ethical Hacking Course in Hindi...

By : Vijay Kumar

Ultimate Ethical Hacking course in Hindi...

4.8 598

12:6:49 hrs   97 lectures All Level   


Phishing Attacks for Beginners ...

By : Toronto Academy

Practical Phishing Attacks...

4 876

3:55:59 hrs   35 lectures All Level   


Wireless Pentesting: Wifi breakthrough, hacking, jamming, Cr...

By : irfan Azmat

Wireless Pentesting: include Nmap, Wireshark: Wifi Hacking, Wifi Jamming & Password c...

4.1 1270

3:19:54 hrs   72 lectures All Level   


Programming Basics for Ethical Hacking...

By : Abhinav Raj

Mastering Programming Skills for Ethical Hacking Success...

4.8 695

1:58:1 hrs   23 lectures All Level   


Kickstart penetration testing in 2023: Beginner’s Bootcamp...

By : Ashish Jha

Build your foundations for successful penetration testing with this course!...

4 449

12 lectures All Level   


Offensive Hacking Unfolded - Become a Pro Pentester in 2023!...

By : Avinash Yadav

Gain the ability to perform professional penetration testing and monetize your valuab...

4 709

4:22:35 hrs   53 lectures All Level   


Introduction to Ethical Hacking with Computer Network Basics...

By : Dr. Mohuya Chakraborty

A Practiacal Approach...

4 435

2:22:1 hrs   29 lectures Beginner Level   


Master WIFI Hacking with Kali Linux from A-Z : Beginers to ...

By : Maneesha S. Nirman

WPA/WPA2 PSK Cracking with Wordlists, Social Engineering ,MITM(Man in the middle att...

4 843

2:2:59 hrs   31 lectures All Level   


Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing course...


Provides skills required to become a Security Professional. More practical demos to u...

4.1 72174

2:22:44 hrs   37 lectures All Level   

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  • What is Ethical Hacking and why pursue certification in this field?

    Ethical Hacking involves authorized cybersecurity professionals testing and assessing computer systems, networks, and applications for vulnerabilities to strengthen security. Certification in Ethical Hacking is valuable for individuals seeking to become ethical hackers, helping organizations enhance their cybersecurity defenses.

  • Why pursue Ethical Hacking Certification?

    Ethical Hacking Certification, such as Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), is crucial for individuals aiming to specialize in ethical hacking and penetration testing. It provides the skills and knowledge needed to identify and address security vulnerabilities, making it a valuable asset in the cybersecurity field.

  • What skills does an Ethical Hacker need to possess?

    Ethical Hackers need skills in penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, network security, and knowledge of various hacking techniques. Effective communication skills are also essential for conveying findings and recommendations to stakeholders.

  • How can I prepare for Ethical Hacking Certification exams?

    Prepare for Ethical Hacking Certification exams by enrolling in accredited training courses, using official study materials, and participating in hands-on labs. Practical experience in conducting ethical hacking exercises and staying informed about the latest cybersecurity threats and countermeasures are vital components of effective preparation.

  • Is Ethical Hacking Certification valid for a specific period, and how can I maintain it?

    Ethical Hacking Certifications often have a validity period, typically ranging from one to three years. To maintain certification, individuals can either retake the current exam or accumulate continuing education credits by participating in relevant training, conferences, and other activities that contribute to their professional development in the field of ethical hacking.

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