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C#: Versatile, object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft. Widely used for building desktop, web, and mobile applications within the .NET framework. Known for its simplicity, performance, and strong integration capabilities.

Students Learning : 54854
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C# Basics for Beginners: Learn C# Fundamentals by Coding...

By : Ashraf Al Madhoun

Master C# Basics in no Time - A Comprehensive Course Packed with Examples, tips and e...

4.4 211

17 lectures All Level   


Csharp Programming in ONE DAY...

By : Faisal Zamir

Learn Csharp Programming in ONE Day with Practical Examples ...

4.8 178

19 lectures All Level   


Learn Asp Net C# OOPs SQL and JavaScript for Development...

By : Sekhar Metla (Microsoft Certified Professional) Sudha

Complete developers course for web design, development, coding and database...

4 287

11:19:36 hrs   159 lectures All Level   


Oops Concept in C#...

By : Munesh Sharma

Oops Concept in dotnet...

4.8 86307

10 lectures Beginner Level   


Learn C# Coding Intermediate: C# Classes, Methods and OOPs...

By : Sekhar Metla (Microsoft Certified Professional) Sudha

C#: Intermediate a step-by-step guide to classes, interfaces, polymorphism, error han...

4.2 9267

4:31:41 hrs   60 lectures Beginner Level   


Learn C# Coding Basics for Beginner C# Fundamentals...

By : Sekhar Metla (Microsoft Certified Professional) Sudha

Learn in-demand C# Basics to level up your career as a Professional - by Microsoft Ce...

4.1 9475

85 lectures Beginner Level   


SharePoint List-to-List using Workflow...

By : Kamrul Chowdhury

SharePoint 2013/2016 on premise custom list and workflow...

4.6 84791

14 lectures Intermedite Level   


Master Collection Classes in C# ...

By : Kaushik Roy Chowdhury

Teach yourself all major collection classes ...

4.2 61478

15:3:18 hrs   57 lectures Beginner Level   


Websockets, tcp and udp in c# .NET CORE 3.0...

By : taurius litvinavicius

All you need to know to use tcp, udp and web sockets in c#...

4.6 83663

2:33:13 hrs   13 lectures Intermedite Level   


Blazor - the modern web...

By : taurius litvinavicius

learn blazor...

4.1 72478

2:2:9 hrs   12 lectures Intermedite Level   

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  • What is C# (C-Sharp)?

    C# (pronounced C-sharp) is a modern, object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft. It is part of the .NET framework and is widely used for building a variety of applications, including web applications, desktop software, mobile apps, and games.

  • Why use C# for programming?

    Using C# is advantageous for developing robust, scalable, and platform-independent applications. It provides a strong type system, automatic memory management, and supports features like asynchronous programming and LINQ. C# is particularly well-suited for building applications within the Microsoft ecosystem.

  • How does C# work?

    C# works by compiling source code into an intermediate language called Common Intermediate Language (CIL), which is then executed by the Common Language Runtime (CLR). It is statically-typed, meaning that variable types are determined at compile-time, enhancing code safety and performance.

  • What elements are important in C# development?

    Key elements in C# development include classes and objects for object-oriented programming, delegates and events for handling events, LINQ for querying data, and asynchronous programming for handling concurrent operations. C# also supports features like properties, indexers, and exception handling.

  • Can anyone use C# for programming?

    Yes, C# is accessible to developers with varying levels of experience. While it has features suitable for building complex enterprise-level applications, its syntax is clean and readable, making it approachable for beginners as well. The Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE) and a supportive community contribute to the accessibility and popularity of C# for programming.

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