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AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate 2018 ...

By : Zeal

Beginner to Advanced

115 lectures      Beginner Certification Course

$15 $20 25% off

Building a Serverless AWS lambda API on AWS in jav ...

By : Dries

Build a productive serverless AWS Lambda API on the Amazon Web Services platform in hours for Java developers.

26 lectures      Beginner

$15 $30 50% off

Working with SQS and SNS_ AWS with Python and Boto ...

By : Niyazi

Learn to implement FIFO, Dead-Letter Queues, SMS, Email Subscriptions, publish messages to subscribers and much more!

49 lectures      Intermedite

$15 $35 57% off

Work with RDS and DynamoDB_ AWS with Python and Bo ...

By : Niyazi

Learn how to implement RDS and DynamoDB on AWS using Python API - Boto3! Implement your infrastructure with code!

49 lectures      Intermedite

$15 $65 77% off

Managing EC2 and VPC_ AWS with Python and Boto3 Se ...

By : Niyazi

Learn how to implement EC2 and VPC resources on AWS using Python API - Boto3! Implement your infrastructure with code!

61 lectures      Beginner

$15 $90 83% off

RDS PostgreSQL and DynamoDB CRUD_ AWS with Python ...

By : Niyazi

Implement RDS PostgreSQL CRUD and DynamoDB on AWS using Python API - Boto3 and psycopg2! Build infrastructure with code!

85 lectures      Beginner

$15 $55 73% off

Build and Deploy Lambda Functions_ AWS with Python ...

By : Niyazi

Learn how you can develop and deploy Java, Python, NodeJS Lambda Functions and manage them using Python and Boto3!

76 lectures      Beginner

$15 $50 70% off

Build and Deploy Your Own Load Balancer on the Clo ...

By : Vishu

Create and test your own cloud load balancer

21 lectures      Beginner

$15 $20 25% off
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