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Amazon AWS

Learn how to use Amazon Web Services, from beginner basics to advanced techniques, with online video tutorials taught by industry experts. Find top courses for Amazon AWS and become a cloud computing professional.
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AWS Essentials & Solutions Architect Assoc: The To ...

By : Total

Learn everything you need to know to pass the AWS Solutions Architect Exam

165 lectures      Beginner


Developing with S3_ AWS with Python and Boto3 Seri ...

By : Niyazi

Learn multi-part file uploads, host a static website, use Route53 to route traffic to your S3 website and more

40 lectures      Beginner


Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for AWS Professionals ...

By : Joseph

Learn how Google Cloud Platform compares to AWS and basic services of GCP.

42 lectures      Beginner


Get the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner in 7 Days ...

By : Nicolas

Learn and pass the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam in 7 days

14 lectures      Beginner


VPC Solutions with EC2 for Production_ AWS with Te ...

By : Niyazi

Learn Terraform with AWS, infrastructure-as-code,Develop Scalable, Highly-Available Architecture with an AWS Architect

51 lectures      Intermedite


Architecting Big Data solutions with AWS ...

By : Abhishek

Learn how to move from your on premise data center to AWS Cloud for leveraging its enterprise wide useful services. Learn how to use these services and how they fit in various Big data use cases. The course covers right from setting up the infrastructure to analysing data using AWS services.

50 lectures      Intermedite


AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate 2018 ...

By : Zeal

Beginner to Advanced

115 lectures      Beginner Certification Course


Building a Serverless AWS lambda API on AWS in jav ...

By : Dries

Build a productive serverless AWS Lambda API on the Amazon Web Services platform in hours for Java developers.

26 lectures      Beginner


Working with SQS and SNS_ AWS with Python and Boto ...

By : Niyazi

Learn to implement FIFO, Dead-Letter Queues, SMS, Email Subscriptions, publish messages to subscribers and much more!

49 lectures      Intermedite


Work with RDS and DynamoDB_ AWS with Python and Bo ...

By : Niyazi

Learn how to implement RDS and DynamoDB on AWS using Python API - Boto3! Implement your infrastructure with code!

49 lectures      Intermedite


Managing EC2 and VPC_ AWS with Python and Boto3 Se ...

By : Niyazi

Learn how to implement EC2 and VPC resources on AWS using Python API - Boto3! Implement your infrastructure with code!

61 lectures      Beginner


RDS PostgreSQL and DynamoDB CRUD_ AWS with Python ...

By : Niyazi

Implement RDS PostgreSQL CRUD and DynamoDB on AWS using Python API - Boto3 and psycopg2! Build infrastructure with code!

85 lectures      Beginner


Build and Deploy Lambda Functions_ AWS with Python ...

By : Niyazi

Learn how you can develop and deploy Java, Python, NodeJS Lambda Functions and manage them using Python and Boto3!

76 lectures      Beginner


Build and Deploy Your Own Load Balancer on the Clo ...

By : Vishu

Create and test your own cloud load balancer

21 lectures      Beginner

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