The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Step-by-Step Blueprint

Individuals who want to learn how to make money online with affiliate marketing.

Instructed by Juan Galvan

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  • The single most important thing that you must focus on if you want to be successful with affiliate marketing
  • How to choose the best traffic generation strategies that will provide hordes of buyer traffic to your affiliate offers
  • The crucial five step process that ALL successful affiliate marketers use to identify the best niches and ensure the best returns for the least amount of effort
  • The traffic generation methods that will provide you with the very best traffic to increase your conversions and your affiliate commissions
  • The inside track on selecting the very best affiliate programs which will maximize your conversions
  • How to select winning affiliate programs that you know will be successful for you before you even begin to work on them

Are you read y to start making money online with Affiliate Marketing? With Affiliate Marketing, you simply sell other people's products and services without the hassle of inventory, customer complaints or the risk of upfront capital for commissions of 30-90%.
Learn how to get started in Affiliate Marketing with this step-by-step blueprint, where to find companies in every possible niche that are begging to give you money to affiliate market their products, and how to beat out the competition with killer internet marketing techniques.
The Affiliate Marketing Step-by-Step Blueprint solves the following common yet fatal problems hounding both newbie and veteran affiliate marketers:
How to pick a highly profitable niche
How to pick a conversion platform that will produce the most money with the least effort
How to create content your niche audience will actually want to read and share
How to select affiliate offers the smart and efficient way
How to build an affiliate marketing business that will stand the test of time and fickle consumer trends
How to trouble shoot and optimize your affiliate marketing business for increased income 
... and a LOT MORE!

  • Students must have access to computer and internet access.
  • Individuals who want to learn how to make money online with affiliate marketing.
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Section 1 : Affiliate Marketing Blueprint Introduction

  • Lecture 1 :
  • Affiliate Marketing Blueprint Intro Preview
  • Lecture 2 :
  • 5 Step Affiliate Marketing Strategy
  • Lecture 3 :
  • How To Use Google Trends To Find Hot Niches

Section 2 : Affiliate Marketing Network Platforms

  • Lecture 1 :
  • Clickbank for Beginners
  • Lecture 2 :
  • How To Find Up and Coming Clickbank Products
  • Lecture 3 :
  • Commission Junction Walkthrough
  • Lecture 4 :
  • JVZoo Walkthough
  • Lecture 5 :
  • Offervault Walkthrough
  • Lecture 6 :
  • Rakuten Walkthrough
  • Lecture 7 :
  • Ringpartner Walkthrough
  • Lecture 8 :
  • Thrive Marketplace Walkthrough

Section 3 : CPA Affiliate Marketing Foundation

  • Lecture 1 :
  • What is CPA Marketing?
  • Lecture 2 :
  • Credit Repair CPA Example
  • Lecture 3 :
  • Facebook Ads Credit Repair CPA Walkthrough
  • Lecture 4 :
  • How Ads Credit Repair CPA Walkthroughq

Section 4 : How To Get Traffic To Your Affiliate Offers

  • Lecture 1 :
  • How To Get FREE Traffic
  • Lecture 2 :
  • Clickfunnels Landing Page Builder Walkthrough
  • Lecture 3 :
  • Woodworking Facebook Page Example
  • Lecture 4 :
  • Woodworking Facebook Ads Creation
  • Lecture 5 :
  • Facebook Ads Solar Example
  • Lecture 6 :
  • Using Facebook Groups To Get Free Traffic
  • Lecture 7 :
  • How To Get Traffic From Youtube
  • Lecture 8 :
  • How To Get FREE Traffic With Quora
  • Lecture 9 :
  • Secret Paid Traffic Source

Section 5 : Affiliate Marketing Blueprint Resources

  • Lecture 1 :
  • Affiliate Marketing Guide
  • Lecture 2 :
  • Affiliate Marketing Resources
  • Lecture 3 :
  • Affiliate Marketing Checklist

Juan Galvan,

Hi I'm Juan. I've been an Entrepreneur since grade school. I've started several companies, created many products and sold on various online marketplaces with great success. I'm currently a Digital Marketing Consultant and help businesses all over the world generate more leads and sales through digital marketing strategies. ​ I've learned the strategies, philosophies, methodologies, principles and core values from the most successful people in the world. I believe in continuous education with the best of a University Degree without all the downsides of burdensome costs and inefficient methods.
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The Great Affiliate Program List Co...

By : Szabolcs-Istvan Kisded

Lecture 10



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