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  • Microsoft Teams Practically
  • Microsoft Free and Paid Plans
  • Function of Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Account Registration
  • Microsoft Teams Configuration
  • Microsoft Teams Desktop App
  • Microsoft Mobile App
  • Creating Teams and Channels in Org of Microsoft Teams
  • Wiki Tab Is Your Notes, on A Channel Level, that Includes a Hierarchy of Sections Within Listed Pages
  • OneNote The digital note-taking app for your devices
  • Polly Offers a Native Integration in Microsoft Teams to Foster Collaboration and Productivity
  • Karma as Daily Appreciation, Recognition and Rewards in Microsoft Teams

 The Complete Microsoft Teams Course - Master Microsoft Teams: Managing Microsoft Teams - Microsoft MS-700 - Microsoft Office 365 - Sharepoint - Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft Teams is a persistent chat-based collaboration platform complete with document sharing, online meetings, and many more extremely useful features for business communications. Having an excellent team space is key to being able to make creative decisions and communicate with one another. But don't worry this course will help you build a fast and complete skill over Microsoft Teams. That's why we call it The Complete Microsoft Teams MasterClass.

Microsoft Teams provides more ways to be a team. Microsoft has many features that we have to look at and learn these days. We have everything available in Microsoft Team. Chat - Share your opinion and your personality. Send gifs, stickers, and emojis in a group chat or one-to-one messages. Meet - Instantly go from group chat to video conference with the touch of a button. Teams of 2 or 10,000 can meet in one place, no matter how many places they’re in. Call - Make and receive calls with internal and external groups using Microsoft Teams Calling, Phone System, Calling Plan, or Direct Routing. Collaborate - Easily find, share, and edit files in real-time using familiar apps like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel in Teams. (Resource: Microsoft Teams website)

We did our best to teach you in a way you realize both as administer or client (user). Only understanding the interface in Microsoft Team is not enough. You have to learn in a way that you build deeper skills with it and never forget it. As we go through the lecture you will understand that Microsoft Teams is getting easier by completing each lecture. That's why I taught you to realize both as administrator and client.

Also, we focused to teach you to learn the more useful applications, for example, Trello, Wiki, Polly, Karma... in this Complete Microsoft Teams MasterClass. Of course, Microsoft Teams is itself a big collaboration app. But there is sometimes a need to do more stuff and learn more. We covered both ways to help you master each necessity application.

  • No Previous Microsoft Teams or Microsoft Office Experience Necessary!
  • A Laptop or Desktop with Internet Connection
  • Willingness to learn :)
  • Anyone interested in Microsoft Teams in Microsoft 365
  • People Who Need Teamwork, Collaboration, Get Things Done and Work Remotely
  • Office 365 Users
  • Teams Users
  • Employees
  • Managers
  • Administrator
  • Business Owners
  • Team Leaders
  • Anyone Who Want Stay Connected and Organized. Accomplish More Together Across Work, School, and Life with Microsoft Teams.
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  • Section 1 : Getting Started with Microsoft Teams 8 Lectures 00:37:20

    • Lecture 1 :
    • Lecture 2 :
    • Microsoft Teams and Price
    • Lecture 3 :
    • Microsoft Team only Needs Microsoft Accounts
    • Lecture 4 :
    • Microsoft Downloads
    • Lecture 5 :
    • Microsoft Team Desktop App Installation and Sign in
    • Lecture 6 :
    • Microsoft Teams Environments
    • Lecture 7 :
    • Microsoft Teams Profile Management
    • Lecture 8 :
    • Microsoft Teams Mobile App
  • Section 2 : Org, Teams, and Channels Management 7 Lectures 00:32:35

    • Lecture 1 :
    • Create a Team in Microsoft Teams
    • Lecture 2 :
    • Invitation to The Microsoft Teams
    • Lecture 3 :
    • Org Management
    • Lecture 4 :
    • The Core Part of Microsoft Teams, Team (Part 1)
    • Lecture 5 :
    • The Core Part of Microsoft Teams, Team (Part 2)
    • Lecture 6 :
    • Channel Settings and Options (Part 1)
    • Lecture 7 :
    • Channel Settings and Options (Part 2)
  • Section 3 : Meeting In Microsoft Teams 1 Lectures 00:11:14

    • Lecture 1 :
    • Complete Guide of Meeting in Microsoft Teams
  • Section 4 : Chat, Activity, Calls and Files 6 Lectures 00:17:04

    • Lecture 1 :
    • Chat in Microsoft Teams
    • Lecture 2 :
    • Activity in Microsoft Team
    • Lecture 3 :
    • Meeting In Microsoft Teams
    • Lecture 4 :
    • Calls In Microsoft Teams
    • Lecture 5 :
    • Files in Microsoft Teams
    • Lecture 6 :
    • Adding Cloud in Files of Microsoft Teams
  • Section 5 : Microsoft Teams Settings 6 Lectures 00:13:17

    • Lecture 1 :
    • General Settings of Microsoft Teams
    • Lecture 2 :
    • Privacy Settings in Microsoft Teams
    • Lecture 3 :
    • Notification Settings in Microsoft Teams
    • Lecture 4 :
    • Devices Settings in Microsoft Teams
    • Lecture 5 :
    • Permissions Settings in Microsoft Teams
    • Lecture 6 :
    • Calls Settings in Microsoft Teams
  • Section 6 : Advanced and Additional of Microsoft Teamas 7 Lectures 00:26:25

    • Lecture 1 :
    • Search Options
    • Lecture 2 :
    • General Channel of Microsoft Teams
    • Lecture 3 :
    • Microsoft Word Tab in Microsoft Teams
    • Lecture 4 :
    • Microsoft Excel Tab in Microsoft Teams
    • Lecture 5 :
    • Microsoft PowerPoint Tab in Microsoft Teams
    • Lecture 6 :
    • YouTube in Microsoft Teams
    • Lecture 7 :
    • Extra App Tab in Microsoft Teams
  • Section 7 : More Apps, Tabs and Bot 8 Lectures 00:44:49

    • Lecture 1 :
    • Apps Explorations
    • Lecture 2 :
    • Trello Sign in at Microsoft Teams
    • Lecture 3 :
    • Trello Environment and Functions
    • Lecture 4 :
    • Wiki
    • Lecture 5 :
    • OneNote
    • Lecture 6 :
    • Polly
    • Lecture 7 :
    • Karma
    • Lecture 8 :
    • Request Lecture Any Time
  • Section 8 : Microsoft Teams Mobile App 3 Lectures 00:20:32

    • Lecture 1 :
    • Microsoft Teams Mobile Version Sign in
    • Lecture 2 :
    • Microsoft Teams Homepage Mobile App
    • Lecture 3 :
    • Microsoft Teams Settings Mobile App
  • How do i access the course after purchase?

    Once you purchase a course (Single course or Subscription), you will be able to access the courses instantly online by logging into your account. Use the user name & password that you created while signing up. Once logged in, you can go to the "My Courses" section to access your course.
  • Are these video based online self-learning courses?

    Yes. All of the courses comes with online video based lectures created by certified instructors. Instructors have crafted these courses with a blend of high quality interactive videos, lectures, quizzes & real world projects to give you an indepth knowledge about the topic.
  • Can i play & pause the course as per my convenience?

    Yes absolutely & thats one of the advantage of self-paced courses. You can anytime pause or resume the course & come back & forth from one lecture to another lecture, play the videos mulitple times & so on.
  • How do i contact the instructor for any doubts or questions?

    Most of these courses have general questions & answers already covered within the course lectures. However, if you need any further help from the instructor, you can use the inbuilt Chat with Instructor option to send a message to an instructor & they will reply you within 24 hours. You can ask as many questions as you want.
  • Do i need a pc to access the course or can i do it on mobile & tablet as well?

    Brilliant question? Isn't it? You can access the courses on any device like PC, Mobile, Tablet & even on a smart tv. For mobile & a tablet you can download the Learnfly android or an iOS app. If mobile app is not available in your country, you can access the course directly by visting our website, its fully mobile friendly.
  • Do i get any certification after completing the course?

    Yes. Once you succesfully complete any course on Learnfly marketplace, you get a certiifcate of course completion emailed to you within 24 hours with your name & the Learnfly badge. You can definately brag about it & share it on your social media or with friends as one of your achievement. Click here to view the sample certificate Click Here
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    If you buy a single course, that course is accessible to you for a lifetime. If you go for a premium subcription, you can access all the courses on Learnfly marketplace till your subscription is Active.
  • Whats the difference between Single Course Purchase & Go Premium option?

    With Single Course Purchase, you only get an access of one single course. Whereas, with premium monhtly or annual subscription, you can access all the existing or new courses on learnfly marketplace. You can decide what option suits you the best and accordingly you can make your purchase.
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    Currently, we don't have any free trial but it may be available in near future.
  • What is the refund policy?

    We would hate you to leave us. However, if you are not satisfied, you can ask for a full refund within 30 days & we will be happy to assist you further.

JM Ekhteyari,

I spent ages to seek education from school however, I found out that school was a disaster and I haven’t learned anything useful. So, I think for more effective way of learning, and that was I decided to have a self-study. I accomplished and learned any skills I wanted quickly and effectively. I found out that learning new skills was hard at the same time easy for me. The unavailability of resources was the hard part but that was not an hindrance for me of being a passionate in learning and building new skills, and I set learning as a habit. I can say that education can’t only be learned at school. It took me 5 years to learning everything I wanted, and I am extensively expanding my learning and enhance it more. That’s where my advocacy of sharing my knowledge and skills took place. I help people to learn and master their skills and teach them learning as a habit. I call those skills as pro skills and lifelong learners.
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