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Familiarize yourself with professional finance management. Get good hold on tools like Excel, Quicken, and QuickBooks

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Financial Literacy: Reading Financial Statements l ...

By : Blair Murkute

Learn how to interpret all the parts of a set of financial statements and make decisions using a financial rationale

4.2 50169

1:14:50 hours 7 lectures  Beginner


Financing Strategies: Capitalizing to Maximize Ret ...

By : Blair Murkute

Learn what sources of financing to use at what stages of your company’s lifecycle and how to negotiate the best terms

4.1 23512

1:15:51 hours 7 lectures  Intermedite


Learn Corporate Finance Principles in 1 Hour ...

By : Blair Murkute

Learn how to apply finance principles in the real world to make financially rational decisions and add value

4.6 517

1:11:17 hours 8 lectures  Beginner


Auditing Financing Statements ...

By : Blair Murkute

Learn how to audit the financial statements of any organization.

4.2 72352

3:52:1 hours 28 lectures  Beginner


Envision the Future: Financial Modeling Using Exce ...

By : Blair Murkute

Learn to develop a financial projection/forecast including an income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement

4.7 72352

1:32:15 hours 8 lectures  Intermedite


Advanced Capital Budgeting: Improve Long-term ROI ...

By : Blair Murkute

Advanced Capital Budgeting: Improve Long-term ROI

4.9 4671

0:54:52 hours 7 lectures  Intermedite


Get Rich By Investing - Alternative Investment Ide ...

By : Dekker Murkute

Alternative Investment Ideas & Strategies : High Return Litigation Investing : Get Rich By Investing : High Performance

4.3 0

0:0:0 hours 37 lectures  Beginner


How to carry out Financial Analysis as a Banker ...

By : CA N Raja Murkute

Take this course to carry out Financial Analysis comprising Ratio Analysis, Cash Flow & Fund Flow Analysis as a Banker

4.6 63232

2:57:27 hours 25 lectures  Intermedite


Hotel Management Course - Analyse financial statem ...

By : Manish Murkute

Understand hotel/s standard profit & Loss statements, how to read and analyse them. What supporting reports are required to understand and diagnose financial performance of the hotel.

4.8 72434

2:58:18 hours 34 lectures  Intermedite


Odoo: Purchases, Sales, Inventory with Accounting ...

By : Quantic Statistics Murkute

Know the Revenue on every Invoice to the client tracking Inventory Lots

4.5 86331

3:20:52 hours 13 lectures  Beginner

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