Microsoft Power BI-A Complete Hands-On Training

Create stunning Power BI reports and analyze business data with Hands-on Power BI projects|Personalized training support

Instructed by Deepesh Vashistha

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  • Create stunning reports and dashboards with all the latest features of Power BI (2018 Updates) right from scratch
  • Create unique types of charts like treemap, donut, waterfall, line charts, R scripting visuals and many more
  • Create advanced DAX measures and calculated columns for complex calculations
  • Easily clean the messy data and model your data as per your requirement
  • Format your report to make it look beautiful and professional

Taking data driven decisions has been very easy with the help of Microsoft Power BI. As per my experience, business intelligence and data analysis companies are searching and preferring those candidates who can work in Power BI. There are tons of jobs available in the market for it.

This course is created with all the latest features of Microsoft Power BI (latest updates). So, you will learn to create business reports with all the latest Power BI features. Power BI provides amazing features updates every month So, I will be updating this course every month with all the important features of Power BI.

In this course you will become Master of:

  1. How to work in Power BI and creating reports right from the scratch.   
  2. There are 2 projects in this course which are created in such a way that you will cover most of the aspects on how to create a report in Power BI desktop and then publish it to share it with others. You will be analyzing Sales data. As a data analyst, firstly you will learn how to clean and transform data, then you will do various types of analysis like clustering, regression, sentiment analysis etc to gain insights from your sales data in Power BI. You will also perform website performance analysis to analyze how a particular website is performing across various locations. 
  3. We will learn how to use Query Editor to clean and transform our data as per our need. 
  4. Power BI provides amazing updates every month. In this course all the tutorial videos are as per latest Power BI updates and I will keep on updating it every month, so you will never lag.
  5. These projects will teach you different kinds of business analysis and using different visualizations as per your data and requirement.  
  6. We will then also learn how to create calculated DAX measures and columns. DAX measures are used to do some advanced calculations as per our requirement.  
  7. After creating our report in Power BI desktop, we will publish it to Power BI service from where we will create Power BI dashboard and then we will see how we can share it with others.
  8. There are quizzes in each section which will help you to check your knowledge in Power BI.

After completing the first project only, you will be very proud of yourself as you would have built stunning feature rich Power BI report and you won’t be able to stop yourself from creating these addictive Power BI reports. So, this is what the course is offering. If you are new to Power BI or you have some basic understanding to Power BI but want to improve yourself in it and want to stand out from the crowd. Also, if you are looking yourself in data analysis career, then this is the right course for you. Why students consider this as the best Power BI course of 2018:

"The course content is really engaging and fresh. Projects are very appealing and a lot of analysis could be learned from them. One could easily learn visualization and analysis from Power BI through this course." - George

"So far a good course. Instructor is teaching at a good pace. Happy to enroll in this course" - Alicia Weber

"I was looking for a fresh Power BI course which can help me create reports with all the new updates. This course is amazing for that. I would recommend anyone who is learning data visualization in Power BI to enroll in this course." - Vijay

  • A computer with Windows operating system
  • Basic understanding of data analysis is added advantage but not required
  • You are new to Power BI or has moderate experience with Power BI and want to learn how to use this tool to create reports and dashboards
  • You want to take valuable insights from your data using different kinds of unique visualizations
  • You want to create professional reports which makes you stand out of crowd and impress your employers and management
  • As Power BI updates every month and if you don’t want to lag behind and keep yourself updated with latest features then this course if for you.
  • You want to learn Power BI and create a report completely from scratch
  • You have basic skills of Power BI but want to improve yourself then this course is for you
  • You want to explore a career opportunity in data visualization and analysis
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Section 1 : Introduction

  • Lecture 1 :
  • Brief Introduction To Power BI Preview

Section 2 : Working With Query Editor

  • Lecture 1 :
  • Important Features of Query Editor
  • Lecture 2 :
  • Editing Rows and Columns
  • Lecture 3 :
  • Replacing Values in a Row
  • Lecture 4 :
  • Split and Merge Columns
  • Lecture 5 :
  • Knowledge Check
  • Working With Query Editor: Knowledge Check

Section 3 : Power BI Desktop - Important Features and In-built Visuals

  • Lecture 1 :
  • Working With Different Charts - PART 1
  • Lecture 2 :
  • Working With Different Charts - PART 2
  • Lecture 3 :
  • Types of Filtering
  • Lecture 4 :
  • Drilling down in Charts
  • Lecture 5 :
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Lecture 6 :
  • Drillthrough in Reports
  • Lecture 7 :
  • Edit Interactions between Visuals
  • Lecture 8 :
  • Data Modelling
  • Lecture 9 :
  • Customize Reports For Phone View
  • Lecture 10 :
  • Knowledge Check
  • Power BI Desktop - Important Features and In-built Visuals: Knowledge Check

Section 4 : PROJECT 1 - In-depth Sales Analysis Power BI Report With Amazing Visualizations

  • Lecture 1 :
  • Line and Column charts, Scatter chart, Drilldown Donut chart,
  • Lecture 2 :
  • Regression Analysis
  • Lecture 3 :
  • This Year v/s Last Year Analysis
  • Lecture 4 :
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Lecture 5 :
  • Clustering Analysis
  • Lecture 6 :
  • Sync Slicers
  • Lecture 7 :
  • Final Report and Summary
  • Lecture 8 :
  • Knowledge Check
  • PROJECT 1: Knowledge Check

Section 5 : Introduction To DAX Calculations

  • Lecture 1 :
  • CALCULATE () function
  • Lecture 2 :
  • Time Intelligence Functions (YTD, QTD, MTD)
  • Lecture 3 :
  • DATEADD() Function
  • Lecture 4 :
  • Creating Calculated Columns
  • Lecture 5 :
  • Knowledge Check
  • Introduction To DAX Calculations: Knowledge Check

Section 6 : PROJECT 2 - Interactive Website Performance Analysis Report

  • Lecture 1 :
  • Tornado chart, Funnel Chart, World Map, Forecasting with Line chart
  • Lecture 2 :
  • Sessions analysis and R-scripting Visuals
  • Lecture 3 :
  • Creating Amazing Navigation Using Bookmarking Feature
  • Lecture 4 :
  • Final Project Report With Formatting
  • Lecture 5 :
  • Knowledge Check
  • PROJECT 2: Knowledge Check

Section 7 : Power BI Web

  • Lecture 1 :
  • Overview and Environment of Power BI Web
  • Lecture 2 :
  • Difference Between Dashboard and Report
  • Lecture 3 :
  • Creating and Sharing A Dashboard
  • Lecture 4 :
  • Editing Dashboard Layout For Mobile View
  • Lecture 5 :
  • Knowledge Check
  • Power BI Web: Knowledge Check

Deepesh Vashistha,

I work as a Data Analyst and have experience of many business analysis projects. I always enjoy adopting and working with new technologies. I love Power BI as it is continually evolving and always help me discover hidden insights in my data. I am highly passionate about Data and would love to help others too in this profession and accomplish their goals. As a Business and Data Analyst I also have expertise in analysis using SQL, Python libraries and Azure ML and is looking to continually evolve in these and also help others too. I love Data analysis and is looking forward to creating many useful courses for you all.
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