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  • Learn how to trade live economic news events for powerful, quick profits
  • A comprehensive understanding of how and why news moves the FX markets
  • A way to decipher which particular news items will move the markets the most
  • A way to focus in on the currency pairs likely to generate the greatest profit
  • A process to follow to create trading plans well in advance of an economic event to know exactly what to trade and how to trade it
  • Powerful tools necessary to get a huge edge over the retail market
  • Instruction on how to replicate the trading approach of the professional institutions
  • Full instruction on how to utilise similar tools to which the professional institutions use, without the heavy costs
  • Learn how to keep risk low and reward high on every trade
  • Numerous trade examples illustrating and bringing to life the learnings from the course
  • Demonstrations on how to use each key trader resource
  • How to set-up and use your trading account
  • Quiz questions throughout to ensure your learnings are on track
  • Lifetime access

Each and every single month there are large movements generated in the FX markets as a direct result of economic news announcements. It is what the large institutional traders utilise to make huge returns each year and as a individual private trader you can do exactly the same. This course will help to align you with the professional traders and, if you are new to news based trading, give you a whole new way of viewing the markets.

This course will provide a comprehensive introduction to trading these powerful economic news announcements including how to prepare for, and then take full advantage of trading opportunities presented to you every month. High impact news events create large and fast movements and the course is dedicated to helping you master the art of trading them safely and successfully.

In addition to learning to physically trade the news, this course will provide you with a more solid understanding of the news and how it impacts the currency markets specifically. This knowledge will provide huge benefits to your trading results, irrelevant of your current trading style.

  • A basic/general understanding of the FX (Forex) markets
  • Familiarity with placing a trade is ideal
  • This course is perfect for traders of all abilities and experience but who, as a minimum, have a basic understanding of trading
  • Best suited for traders who are looking for a way of trading which is time efficient
  • Ideal for traders who have a technical background, but little understanding of the fundamentals/news
  • Excellent for traders who struggle with the complexity of technical based trading and are looking for a more straightforward trading style
  • Traders who are not making consistent profits
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  • Section 1 : Welcome & Introduction 2 Lectures 00:17:00

    • Lecture 1 :
    • Course Disclaimer & Copyright Preview
    • Lecture 2 :
    • Welcome & Introduction
  • Section 2 : Opening your trading / broker account 3 Lectures 00:23:13

    • Lecture 1 :
    • Why your choice of broker is KEY
    • Lecture 2 :
    • Demonstration Video - Opening your trading account
    • Lecture 3 :
    • 3 step process to opening your account
  • Section 3 : Getting familiar with economic news 2 Lectures 00:18:29

    • Lecture 1 :
    • Economic News Explained
    • Lecture 2 :
    • Take the QUIZ!
    • Take the QUIZ!
  • Section 4 : Trading the News 8 Lectures 01:32:06

    • Lecture 1 :
    • Why trade the news?
    • Lecture 2 :
    • What news to trade?
    • Lecture 3 :
    • What currencies to focus on?
    • Lecture 4 :
    • Is a currency strong or weak? (The Long Term View)
    • Lecture 5 :
    • A brilliant Central Bank resource!
    • Lecture 6 :
    • Is a currency strong or weak? (The Short Term View)
    • Lecture 7 :
    • Trading strong vs weak
    • Lecture 8 :
    • Currency Watch-list Example
  • Section 5 : Setting yourself up like a PRO-TRADER 7 Lectures 00:47:37

    • Lecture 1 :
    • The resources you need
    • Lecture 2 :
    • Demonstration Video -
    • Lecture 3 :
    • Demonstration Video - FXPro Squawk Feed
    • Lecture 4 :
    • Forex News Gun - Download Instructions 1 page
    • Lecture 5 :
    • Demonstration Video - Forex News Gun
    • Lecture 6 :
    • Demonstration video - News Impact DataFlash (replacement for the FNG)
    • Lecture 7 :
    • News Impact DataFlash Setup Instructions (replacement for the FNG)
  • Section 6 : Placing The Trade 6 Lectures 01:02:17

    • Lecture 1 :
    • Creating a trading plan / idea
    • Lecture 2 :
    • Executing the trade - Determining your Entry, Stop & Target
    • Lecture 3 :
    • Management of the trade & summary
    • Lecture 4 :
    • Demonstration Video - FXPro MT4
    • Lecture 5 :
    • Demonstration Video - FxPro C-Trader
    • Lecture 6 :
    • Demonstration Video - Closing a trade after 1 hour if not done as expected
  • Section 7 : Risk Managing your trades 2 Lectures 00:22:06

    • Lecture 1 :
    • Risk Management & working out your trade quantity
    • Lecture 2 :
    • Demonstration Video - Earn Forex Position Size Calculator
  • Section 8 : Trade Examples 1 Lectures 00:15:43

    • Lecture 1 :
    • Live Trade Example 1
  • Section 9 : Your ongoing support 17 Lectures 01:30:25

    • Lecture 1 :
    • Ongoing Support
    • Lecture 2 :
    • Forex Source Platform - Sign up details (including 50% discount link)
    • Lecture 3 :
    • Lecture 4 :
    • How the Forex Source platform helped members profit from a major news event!
    • Lecture 5 :
    • How the Forex Source platform helped members profit from a major economic event!
    • Lecture 6 :
    • How the Forex Source platform helped subscribers stay away from a bad trade!
    • Lecture 7 :
    • The Forex Source platform helps subscribers profit from the risk off tones!
    • Lecture 8 :
    • Want high probability fundamental & technical trade ideas each day? Here's how!
    • Lecture 9 :
    • +40 quick pips as the Forex Source alerts us to a great news based trade!
    • Lecture 10 :
    • The Forex Source platform alerts members to an +800 pip move!
    • Lecture 11 :
    • Forex Source helps subscribers know when to HOLD a trade, and when to FOLD!
    • Lecture 12 :
    • A brilliant fundamental & technical trade alert from the Forex Source team!
    • Lecture 13 :
    • 31.03.2020 - A loss but the Forex Source platform helped us keep it small!
    • Lecture 14 :
    • 01.04.2020 +25pips as the Forex Source team highlights a classic risk off trade!
    • Lecture 15 :
    • 01.04.2020 +60 pips as the forex source team highlights some great CAD trades!
    • Lecture 16 :
    • 06.04.2020 AUDJPY & CADJPY +75 pips fundamental and tech setups!
    • Lecture 17 :
    • 20.04.2020 Fundamental analysis + technical analysis = high probability trading
  • Section 10 : Conclusion 1 Lectures 00:08:50

    • Lecture 1 :
    • Full re-cap
  • Section 11 : BONUS VIDEOS! 2 Lectures 00:44:24

    • Lecture 1 :
    • How to predict the largest movements from news...
    • Lecture 2 :
    • Understanding & trading market turmoil successfully!
  • Section 12 : Student Interviews! 6 Lectures 04:00:07

    • Lecture 1 :
    • Student Interview #1 - Paul, UK
    • Lecture 2 :
    • Student Interview #2 - Jean, South Africa
    • Lecture 3 :
    • Student Interview #3 - Gavin, UK
    • Lecture 4 :
    • Student Interview #4 - Connor, Australia
    • Lecture 5 :
    • Student Interview #5 - Lourens, South Africa
    • Lecture 6 :
    • Student Case Study #7 Allysha, Australia
  • How do i access the course after purchase?

    Once you purchase a course (Single course or Subscription), you will be able to access the courses instantly online by logging into your account. Use the user name & password that you created while signing up. Once logged in, you can go to the "My Courses" section to access your course.
  • Are these video based online self-learning courses?

    Yes. All of the courses comes with online video based lectures created by certified instructors. Instructors have crafted these courses with a blend of high quality interactive videos, lectures, quizzes & real world projects to give you an indepth knowledge about the topic.
  • Can i play & pause the course as per my convenience?

    Yes absolutely & thats one of the advantage of self-paced courses. You can anytime pause or resume the course & come back & forth from one lecture to another lecture, play the videos mulitple times & so on.
  • How do i contact the instructor for any doubts or questions?

    Most of these courses have general questions & answers already covered within the course lectures. However, if you need any further help from the instructor, you can use the inbuilt Chat with Instructor option to send a message to an instructor & they will reply you within 24 hours. You can ask as many questions as you want.
  • Do i need a pc to access the course or can i do it on mobile & tablet as well?

    Brilliant question? Isn't it? You can access the courses on any device like PC, Mobile, Tablet & even on a smart tv. For mobile & a tablet you can download the Learnfly android or an iOS app. If mobile app is not available in your country, you can access the course directly by visting our website, its fully mobile friendly.
  • Do i get any certification after completing the course?

    Yes. Once you succesfully complete any course on Learnfly marketplace, you get a certiifcate of course completion emailed to you within 24 hours with your name & the Learnfly badge. You can definately brag about it & share it on your social media or with friends as one of your achievement. Click here to view the sample certificate Click Here
  • For how long can i access my course after the purchase?

    If you buy a single course, that course is accessible to you for a lifetime. If you go for a premium subcription, you can access all the courses on Learnfly marketplace till your subscription is Active.
  • Whats the difference between Single Course Purchase & Go Premium option?

    With Single Course Purchase, you only get an access of one single course. Whereas, with premium monhtly or annual subscription, you can access all the existing or new courses on learnfly marketplace. You can decide what option suits you the best and accordingly you can make your purchase.
  • Is there any free trial?

    Currently, we don't have any free trial but it may be available in near future.
  • What is the refund policy?

    We would hate you to leave us. However, if you are not satisfied, you can ask for a full refund within 30 days & we will be happy to assist you further.

Thomas Franklin,

Tom embodies the determination and motivation required to achieve the most challenging of goals. Having decided 8 years ago, knowing very little about the world financial markets, that he wished to trade full time he put blood, sweat and tears into making it happen. From trading pennies through to managing a fund programme in excess of £5m, Tom has proven that no matter where you are now, you can absolutely get to where you want to be in the future. Tom wants to now share his experience, skills and knowledge to help inspire and motivate others to achieving similar feat's. Tom founded a trading company which was established to assist aspiring traders on the challenging yet highly rewarding journey to consistent profitability. Whether you are a complete novice taking your first steps in the trading world or a more experienced professional, there is something for you to learn from him. So if you are looking to make improvements in your trading then Tom is here to help arm you with everything you need to make giant leaps forward.
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