Docker Hands-on for beginners

Let's make Docker easy!

Instructed by Samarth Deyagond

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  • Teddy Winters (aka Samarth Deyagond) welcomes you to this course. This course will make the audience get acquainted with the basics of Docker, creation of Dockerfiles, run Docker containers and build containerized applications on their own.

This course is for absolute beginners who have understood the theory of Containers to kick start with a hands-on of Docker Containers. The course covers almost all widely used Docker commands and Docker keywords and attempts to show the usage and use-cases of the same. The course mainly makes the documentation of Docker container more comprehensible. 

  • Linux basics, network basics. It is good if you have some theoretical background on Docker containers. All you might need from Software on your system is a Linux Operating System
  • Students studying their bachelors degree in Computer Science and related streams. Also for working professionals who want to kick start learning Docker.
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Section 1 : Introduction

  • Lecture 1 :
  • Understanding FROM and RUN Preview
  • Lecture 2 :
  • Understanding CMD
  • Lecture 3 :
  • Understanding COPY
  • Lecture 4 :
  • Understanding ADD
  • Lecture 5 :
  • Understanding WORKDIR
  • Lecture 6 :
  • Understanding ENTRYPOINT
  • Lecture 7 :
  • Understanding ENV
  • Lecture 8 :
  • Understanding LABEL
  • Lecture 9 :
  • Understanding HEALTHCHECK

Section 2 : Persistent Storage in Docker Containers

  • Lecture 1 :
  • Understanding VOLUMES
  • Lecture 2 :
  • Understanding MOUNT

Section 3 : Networking in Docker Containers

  • Lecture 1 :
  • Understanding EXPOSE
  • Lecture 2 :
  • Understanding Docker Networking Part 1
  • Lecture 3 :
  • Understanding Docker Networking Part 2
  • Lecture 4 :
  • Understanding Docker Networking Part 3
  • Lecture 5 :
  • Understanding STOPSIGNAL

Samarth Deyagond,

I'm a versatile software engineer with a good track record of works in multiple domains like Software Development, Web Development, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Image Processing, Python Development, Server Platform Software Development, Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud-Native Platform and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. I make video tutorials on various Computer Science topics. I'm an author on Quora too so as to spend my free time in a productive way. I am always up for extra curricular activities like volunteering for an event, mentoring other teams & people and working for a cause. On LinkedIn Pulse, I contribute a lot of technical and non-technical articles.
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