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Hardware courses delve into the fundamentals of computer systems and electronics, covering topics such as computer architecture, hardware components, and troubleshooting. Participants gain practical skills in building, maintaining, and upgrading hardware systems.

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Arduino JavaScript Browser based Control...

This course will take you in a step by step guide on how to give your Arduino superpo...

By : Ashraf Al Madhoun

4.8 301

1:18:50 hrs   10 lectures    All Level   


Getting Started with Raspberry Pi and LabVIEW...

You will learn how to connect Raspberry Pi and LabVIEW, the software and hardware par...

By : Ashraf Al Madhoun

4.8 214

4:42:31 hrs   59 lectures    All Level   


ESP32 Programming without Coding...

Program ESP32 Board without writing a single code in A Professional Environment...

By : Ashraf Al Madhoun

4.3 310

1:27:27 hrs   17 lectures    All Level   


Set Up an Electronics Home Lab Tools and Equipment...

How to Make a Professional Electronics Lab at Your Own Home and How to Choose the rig...

By : Ashraf Al Madhoun

4.3 300

3:38:49 hrs   58 lectures    All Level   


Turn Raspberry Pi into A Web Server...

Setup Webserver on your own Raspberry Pi and have full control over your files and we...

By : Ashraf Al Madhoun

4.3 287

4:11:47 hrs   45 lectures    All Level   


USB Interfacing with PIC Microcontroller...

Dive into the comprehensive guide that takes you from beginner to pro in USB interfac...

By : Ashraf Al Madhoun

4.3 321

3:34:38 hrs   36 lectures    All Level   


SCADA System Interface with PLC...

Learn SCADA hands-on by developing your own interfaces for different systems and cont...

By : Ashraf Al Madhoun

4.4 306

1:1:17 hrs   9 lectures    All Level   


Raspberry Pi Step By Step You Complete Guide...

Master software and hardware projects creation using Raspberry Pi and Python....

By : Ashraf Al Madhoun

4.3 333

2:27:53 hrs   32 lectures    All Level   


PIC Microcontroller Interfacing with Graphical LCD...

You will enter GLCD Display world of wonders, Write Anything and Make it shine GLCD (...

By : Ashraf Al Madhoun

4.8 222

1:36:48 hrs   14 lectures    All Level   


PIC Microcontroller Interrupts Step By Step...

You will enter Microcontroller Advance Interrupt World, and together we will make YOU...

By : Ashraf Al Madhoun

4.8 318

2:40:41 hrs   25 lectures    All Level   

  • Who can benefit from these courses?

    Hardware courses are suitable for aspiring hardware engineers, computer technicians, electronics enthusiasts, and individuals interested in understanding the inner workings of electronic devices and computer systems.

  • What skills will I gain?

    Participants will develop skills in computer hardware assembly and maintenance, circuit design, microcontroller programming, hardware troubleshooting, and an understanding of computer architecture.

  • Are there any prerequisites?

    Prerequisites depend on the course level. Introductory courses may have no specific requirements, while advanced programs might assume a basic understanding of electronics or computer science concepts.

  • Can these courses be taken online?

    Yes, many Hardware courses are available online, providing flexibility for learners to study remotely. Online courses often include virtual labs, practical projects, and interactive simulations for hands-on learning.

  • Will I receive a certification upon completion?

    Most courses offer certificates or diplomas upon completion, recognizing the acquired hardware skills. Some programs may lead to more advanced certifications or degrees in hardware engineering or related fields.

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