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User Experience

Design the best experiences for users. Learn to sketch user interfaces, user flows, UI animations and storyboards and more.

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Gamification & Behavioral Design: The Octalysis Fr ...

By : Yu-kai Pervaiz

Learn the 8 Core Drives that motivate us all (beyond Points, Badges, and Leaderboards)

4.1 61673

0:13:1 hours 21 lectures  Beginner


Adobe Xd - UI / UX Design, Prototype And Getting A ...

By : Aleksandar Pervaiz

Learn to Design, Prototype and Share in Adobe Xd and How to Get a Job As a UI / UX Designer.

4.5 9157

10:34:54 hours 128 lectures  Beginner


Learn User Experience Design from A-Z: Adobe XD UI ...

By : Juan Pervaiz

Learn how to become a professional UX/UI Designer and create beautiful websites and applications from scratch.

4.3 68467

0:40:36 hours 109 lectures  All Level


Adobe XD Mobile & Web UX/UI for Dummies: Quick Cra ...

By : Abhilash Pervaiz

Learn everything to get started with stunning prototypes and UX/UI Design in Adobe XD in few hours!

4.3 30312

3:32:46 hours 29 lectures  All Level


UX Design for Beginners - Learn User Behavior & Ps ...

By : Muhammad Ahsan Pervaiz

Learn User Experience Priciples & Human Behavior Patterns and Apply them to improve UX Design of Websites & Mobile Apps

4.7 74329

4:60:4 hours 60 lectures  Beginner


Adobe XD from Beginner to Expert -Design, Prototyp ...

By : Muhammad Ahsan Pervaiz

Learn Adobe XD Step by Step and craft Sleek Designs, Style guides and Interactive + Paper Prototypes

4.3 62351

8:50:53 hours 84 lectures  Beginner


UX Design Process Simplified from User Research to ...

By : Muhammad Ahsan Pervaiz

UX Process for Beginners from User Interviews to Personas, User stories, Information architecture to Usability testing

4.6 96534

4:26:34 hours 42 lectures  Beginner

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