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  • learn to use SQL professional way, learn new SQL!
  • know how to prepare Data structures
  • start to create table relations by creating relational tables
  • know how to JOIN multiple table to get single result set for analysis reports
  • know how to simplify reports like spreadsheets! with huge data sets
  • learn how to write SQL statements easily
  • learn about pgAdmin GUI for postgreSQL server
  • prepare DASH BOARDS using aggregate functions
  • know the time saving techniques using SQL and more..

Learn SQL, The first step to SQL you need to learn to succeed in SQL development, it is easy to learn and understand our online SQL Training course program is designed for you with the complete steps to require develop dynamic and complex queries. Mr. Sudha Sekhar will explain to you even complex topics to simplify and teach you, where beginners can understand easily with real-world examples.

Create a Good and Strong base foundation in SQL, With the Complete SQL from Scratch with PostgreSQL Course.

SQL Skills

SQL DataTypes

SQL Queries

SQL statements

SQL Built-in Functions

SQL Programming

SQL reading data rows

SQL updating data rows

Using PgAdmin for PostgreSQL

SQL Commands and Clauses

Database import and export using GUI tool

A Strong Skillset at Your Hands-on Query


Learn to built SQL applications using the PgAdmin tool. This course assumes no prior SQL knowledge(SQL language basics will help you), just a desire to learn to build your own analytics applications using SQL structures query language.

In this course we cover from scratch to create your own SQL analysis like all professionals creating SQL queries with basic instructions, you also learn inner query and complex Join to interacting with the different tables from a database to read dynamic data.

Content and Summary Who wants to start with beginning in SQL Development, through this course of 50+ lectures and hours of content, you’ll learn all of the PostgreSQL SQL Skills and establish a strong understanding of the concept behind SQL application implementation. Every Section closes with a challenge, putting your new learned skills into practical use immediately and Most of the Lectures are having Assignments to test your knowledge.

Starting with an introduction, how to use PgAdmin, controls, basics, and settings, etc.

Learning with these SQL skills, you will be eager to learn other programming languages very quickly that lead you to become a successful programmer/analyst.

If you really want to learn SQL, This Complete SQL from Scratch Course is for you to develop your skills more than others and you will become strong on SQL database Applications Development.

Start solving your challenge now | Enroll today 

  • No SQL and previous language experience required, but it won't hurt :)
  • No idea about Database, SQL experience needed! Complete beginners to SQL are most welcome.
  • All you need is a working computer with internet connection for this course; PC, Mac, and Linux users are all welcome.
  • Interested to learn SQL to help with their current job or to find a new role. SQL is one of today's most in-demand skills
  • Anyone looking to answer complex business problems and generate reports using large sets of data Business owners, people in sales, or in marketing roles who are interested in understanding company data Analysis.
  • Developers who are looking to build applications (e.g. social media network, ecommerce site) using PostgreSQL
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  • Section 1 : Course Introduction 3 Lectures 00:14:51

    • Lecture 1 :
    • you will know the introduction of this course
    • Lecture 2 :
    • Course Curriculum overview
    • you will know the course curriculum overview and don't skip this lecture
    • Lecture 3 :
    • Overview of Databases
    • you will learn overview of database and its usage
  • Section 2 : SQL Environment Setting up 3 Lectures 00:24:14

    • Lecture 1 :
    • PostgreSQL Installation
    • in this lecture, you will learn How to install PostgreSQL Installation
    • Lecture 2 :
    • Connecting to PostgreSQL using psql
    • you will learn how to connect PostgreSQL using psql
    • Lecture 3 :
    • Connecting to PostgreSQL using PgAdmin
  • Section 3 : SQL Statement Basics 6 Lectures 00:46:27

    • Lecture 1 :
    • Overview of Challenges
    • you will learn overview of challenges of this course
    • Lecture 2 :
    • SQL Statement Basic
    • you will know how to start SQL statement writing
    • Lecture 3 :
    • SELECT Statement
    • you will learn SELECT statement
    • Lecture 4 :
    • you will learn SELECT DISTINCT keyword and its usage on SQL statement
    • Lecture 5 :
    • Column AS Statement
    • you will learn column AS statement
    • Lecture 6 :
    • SQL COUNT() Function
    • you will learn SQL count function and how to apply while writing SQL statement with real-world data
  • Section 4 : Filtering Data Rows 7 Lectures 00:50:15

    • Lecture 1 :
    • SELECT WHERE Clause – I
    • you will learn where clause part 1 what it is
    • Lecture 2 :
    • SELECT WHERE Clause – II
    • you will learn where clause practical real-world session
    • Lecture 3 :
    • SQL Statement Using ORDER BY
    • you will learn SQL statement order by clause apply and its usage, for asc and desc to make ascending/descending order to make orders as well
    • Lecture 4 :
    • LIMIT Clause
    • you will learn how to apply limit clause and you also know that how limiting the data rows while querying execution
    • Lecture 5 :
    • SQL Query Statement using BETWEEN
    • you will learn between clause and its usage using real-world data
    • Lecture 6 :
    • Operator - IN
    • you will learn IN opertor
    • Lecture 7 :
    • SQL - LIKE and ILIKE
    • you will learn like and ilike operators on SQL query writing
  • Section 5 : GROUP BY Statements 7 Lectures 00:30:10

    • Lecture 1 :
    • Overview of GROUP BY
    • you will learn overview of group by in SQL statements
    • Lecture 2 :
    • Aggregation Function
    • you will learn aggregation functions
    • Lecture 3 :
    • GROUP BY - One
    • you will learn group by statement - 1
    • Lecture 4 :
    • GROUP BY – Two
    • you will learn group by statement -2
    • Lecture 5 :
    • HAVING
    • you will learn having on SQL statement wit real-word data examples
    • Lecture 6 :
    • Task on HAVING
    • the task assigned to you on having
    • Lecture 7 :
    • Solution for HAVING task
  • Section 6 : Assessment Test 1 1 Lectures 00:02:01

    • Lecture 1 :
    • Overview Assessment Test 1
    • you will know overview of assessment, how it is assigned to you, mostly it would be your previous lecture skill test only
  • Section 7 : JOINS 9 Lectures 00:47:28

    • Lecture 1 :
    • Overview of JOINS
    • you will learn overview of JOINS
    • Lecture 2 :
    • Introduction to JOINS
    • you will know joins introduction
    • Lecture 3 :
    • AS Statement
    • you will learn from this lecture is AS statement for a table name
    • Lecture 4 :
    • INNER Joins
    • Inner Join writing to join two or more tables using real-world data
    • Lecture 5 :
    • Full Outer Joins
    • you will learn full outer join with real-world data
    • Lecture 6 :
    • Left Outer Join
    • you will learn left outer join and its usage while writing the SQL statement
    • Lecture 7 :
    • Right Outer Join
    • you will learn right outer join and its functionsl
    • Lecture 8 :
    • Union
    • you will learn SQL Union writing on query preparation
    • Lecture 9 :
    • Assignment
    • you will be assigned an assessment
  • Section 8 : Advanced SQL Commands 6 Lectures 00:55:51

    • Lecture 1 :
    • Basic of Advanced SQL Commands
    • Lecture 2 :
    • Timestamps
    • you will learn timestamps, how to apply and use of built-in functions
    • Lecture 3 :
    • Extract from Timestamp
    • you will learn extract from timestamp standard function
    • Lecture 4 :
    • Mathematical Functions
    • you will learn how to apply math built-in function while writing SQL queries with real-world data
    • Lecture 5 :
    • String Functions
    • you will learn built-in String methods
    • Lecture 6 :
    • SubQuery
    • in this lecture, you will learn how to write a subquery / inner query SQL statements
  • Section 9 : Creating Database and Tables 4 Lectures 00:34:33

    • Lecture 1 :
    • Basic of Database and Tables
    • you will learn basic of database and tables about
    • Lecture 2 :
    • Data Types
    • you will learn SQL datatypes and its properties, how to apply and the usage
    • Lecture 3 :
    • Primary Keys and Foreign Keys
    • you will learn how to create primary and foreign keys while preparation of database structure
    • Lecture 4 :
    • Create Table in SQL Script
    • you will learn how to create table structure using SQL script
  • Section 10 : SQL CRUD Statements 8 Lectures 00:43:39

    • Lecture 1 :
    • Insert Statement
    • you will learn SQL Insert Statement, how to insert data into created database tables
    • Lecture 2 :
    • Update Statement
    • you will learn update / modify SQL statements to make correction on your already created data rows
    • Lecture 3 :
    • Delete Statement
    • you will learn to delete statement
    • Lecture 4 :
    • Alter Table
    • you will learn to alter table statement applying
    • Lecture 5 :
    • Drop Table
    • you will learn drop table SQL statements
    • Lecture 6 :
    • Check Constraint
    • you will learn check constraint in SQL database, check constraint will automatically be applied while database interactions like applying pre-define conditions to make clean and accurate data collection
    • Lecture 7 :
    • NOT NULL Constraint
    • you will learn NOT NULL constraint to apply for maintaining column data to avoid null values
    • Lecture 8 :
    • UNIQUE Constraint
    • you will learn UNIQUE key constraint and applying while preparation of database structure to handle many programming techniques to speed up your query results
  • Section 11 : Database and Tables | Backup and Restore 3 Lectures 00:09:13

    • Lecture 1 :
    • Overview of Databases and Tables
    • you will learn overview of database and table structure in Database Management System
    • Lecture 2 :
    • Creating a Database backup
    • you will learn how to create a MySQL database backup using GUI tool
    • Lecture 3 :
    • Restoring a Database from backup
    • you will learn to restore a database from SQL backup file
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I am M. Sudha Sekhar, I am a Teacher and a Web Developer, and I am also passionate to teach every single real-time step that leads students as well as professionals to become successful with their carrier. What we know about web development and technologies: * Front-End web development: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Ajax and more... * Code-End web development: Asp.Net, C#, Python and PHP and more... * Back-End development: MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MariaDB and more... * Operating Systems / Servers: RHEL - LINUX, Ubuntu, CentOS, Windows and more... Start solving your challenge now | Enroll today and learn real-time practical courses. I am passionate about: * Teaching students the correct way. * Making things simple and easy to understand. * Offering the best audio and video qualities to my courses. * Real-time Examples who will understand real-time skills easily. * Most of the Lectures will be practical way demonstrations using real-world solutions
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    SQL, NoSQL, Big Data and Hadoop

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